Monday, March 09, 2009

She is BACK!

Wee! i cant wait for tmrw outing at 1U =D...gonna meet alot blogger @ nuffnanger (i guess). We'll have a small gathering AKA dinner before redeem our movie tics. Cant wait to see they all =D

Today i having badminton game wif all my family. Dad booked a court at Seksyen 1, NSK. WALAO tat court super expensive neh..RM20/hours. Dad booked 2 hours = Rm40 *Fainted*. Dad still good in playing badminton eventhough he long time din play..he won me neh! But i am better than mum! both sis still in learning process..they dun even know how to start and hit shuttercock -,-..

Anyway today my lenglui Myvi is back! She was discharged from "hospital" finally! wooo..d fees was expensive T__T...anyway she is back to normal and more lenglui than last time. I miss u so much my baby!!

ps : damn, i din do malaysian studies report again this week..some1 slap me and ask me do pls T___T


Name A Star said...

what is nuffang?
its sound familiar...
hey never ask me to join also ..
i'm good at badminton too ..

Jackie Loi said...

neh check it out at my top right 1 big nuffnang thingy to to ask wor? it od u at kampar?

Name A Star said...

i got it ..
ya.. next time

sirei said...

tonight i'm gonna hit your baby with a baseball bat if you don't do your malaysian studies report! ngek ngek ngek~~~