Thursday, March 05, 2009

What is that!? Is a bird? is a plane? No! Is......MYVI!! MY CAR!!!!

See my baby Myvi? *burst out in tear* wuuwuuwuuu!! she 毁容 adi T_____T............

I just woke up from nap just now. D moment i step out my feet from my room, my mum said "You cant use car adi. Your dad juz banged it". I was like, "WHAT!!!?", open my mouth and eyes widely. I quickly run and see my baby condition...i almost heart broke looking her pretty face turn like that adi T___T

Stupid malay driver!!! Tats the reason i dun like malay driver....sigh sigh

As usual, my dad was driving my car to work and my mum was using my dad car to sent my sis to school everyday. So i am not the one who cause my baby like that. Neither my dad.

Acordding to my dad testimonial :

"The stupid driver la! Suddenly the 2 car in front me break at d corner. For dunno WTF reason the stupid 1st car suddenly break, cause the 2nd car which is in front me break also. Because i cant manage to avoid it on time, i banged on the 2nd car. The stupid 1st driver saw that incident and quickly run away (lucky him! His car was nothing!)."

Ahhh! Curse you stupid 1st driver who suddenly stop for no reason!! Because of that my dad have to paid for d 2nd car one pay for my dad, for my baby =( dad said it will takes at least 3 days to fix my baby..but the problem is we cant wait that long..both cars are used during weekday. sigh..

the sad part was i was in process hinting and requesting my dad that i wan back my car to drive to uni. and now this coincidence...GOD dun allow me to drive to uni T___T

*heart pain + broke *


Chris Thoo said...

It could have been worse like mine...

Jackie Loi said...

haha my dad manage to avoid more damage occur only..if not will like urs XD

Name A Star said...

cheers up man !
send it to repair and will be back to originate one .

KwOnG FeI said...

hmm that is very unlucky..
no car? take lrt la.. then ucsi bus is foc..
reduce C02 emission and money

sirei said...

hey, at least your dad is safe!
just send your baby to repair lah

Jackie Loi said...

@jemy - ya no worry..mayb today or tmrw wills end it to repair..

@kwongfei - tats what i currently doing -,-..been sitting for LRT almost 1 year..sienz adi..LOL

@sirei - ya lucky my dad is save..if not i'll kill tat bastard XD...