Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wilber Pan and AKON!!

OMG! i just browse through youtube and i found out that wilber new song, Be With You featured Akon (ah Ken) woop! the song is kinda cool with Akon and Wilber rapping style.

the video above was extracted from radio, so d quality kinda bad. Anyway for Wilber fans, his new album will release on 22nd May 2009! =D..cant wait to get this song

Be With You(Feat.Akon)歌词(LYRICS):

I know they wanna come and separate us
but they can't do us nothin
Your the one I want and Im a continue lovin
Cause your considered wify
and Im considered husband
And Im a always be there for you
我不管你用任何眼光看我 我都不会选择放弃
我要坚持到底 忽略那些冷言冷语
爱是如此珍贵 值得我们彼此相信
And no one knows
Why Im into you
Cause you'll never know
what its like to walk in our shoes
没人会懂 是我们的梦
懂再多困难只要牵手 就变得不同
Thats why we'll break through

And I dont care what they say
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you
I wanna be with you
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you

Seems like every day that go by
things are gettin harder
Want to be the one that
give you the whole enchilada
Cause I know what my baby like,
I lean you on that Prada
You aint got to match with the shoes
我知道每一次的沟通 就会让我爱你更多
跟一次的拥抱 温暖让我不再怯懦
爱是真实的触摸 美好或相同
Keepin it always true
And no one knows
What Im into you
Cause you'll never know
what its like to walk in our shoes
没人会懂 是我们的梦
懂再多困难只要牵手 就变得不同
Thats why we'll break through

And I dont care what they say
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you
I wanna be with you
我不在乎 怎么做
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you

You are everything in my life
see the joy you bring
And aint no one I compare you to
And I know that you will never
walk away from me no matter what
And thats why I plan to
do the same thing for you
And I want you to know

*Wilber rap*

And I dont care what they say
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you
I wanna be with you
我不在乎 怎么做
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you
I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
我不在乎 怎么做
I wanna be with you
我不在乎 怎么做
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you
Im gonna be with you

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 14 (Chou Den-O Beginning)

Kamen rider Decade Ep 14 1/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 14 2/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 14 3/3

Comment : Haha den-o world indeed the funniest world with the imajin around. The next episode will come to movie 1st then only continue back on ep 15. However for those who din watch the movie doesnt matter since it was an alternate story like Den-O 1st movie, Ore Tanjou. Cant wait ep 15! Chou Momotaros! I think he is in giant size...LOL

anyway here the latest leaked pic for decade movie on august! SHOWA RIDER & HEISEI RIDER! Legendary! HOLY MAMA!

Here the video showing all showa rider. I m surprice KR Black & Black RX appear on same time! WOooop!!!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wendy's at Jaya Jusco,Setiawangsa

since recently all inniter talking about ramli burger, it reli affected my brain! it cause me crawling for burger badly since i long time din eat burger adi...LOL! So today i date her for lunch. I fetch her at National Library. At first i wanted to go Mc D near Tawakal Hospital but unfortunately no parking. Finally i change my mind n suggest to eat at Setiawangsa, Jaya Jusco.

Upon arrival there, i completely forgotten my will for burger. We walked around looking for food to eat and finally we come across a shop, Wendy's. She told me alot ppl bad comment at this restaurant. However i dare to give it a try since it seem nice. I gave a damn to enter the shop with her and choose our meal. We ordered a set of combo and an ala'cart meal. My combo will be a large set of Spicy Chicken burger and her will be Shrimp burger (i forgot d name...swt). We share the large fries and drinks.

* The wrapper of Wendy's *
* Spicy Chicken Burger *
* Shrimp Burger *
* Shrimp meat...seem delicious rite? *
* The bill...LOL *

The burger was not bad taste, but not awesome compare to Mc D. The portion is small as well compare to Ramli burger! LOL!! It seem like my "Buddha Palm" can dominate the whole burger XD. Finally i understand why every1 had bad comment on it. My suggestion, if d portion or burger size are standard or even bigger (like chilis), i believe i'll return for 2nd time in this restaurant.

Oh before i forgot, who is she anyway tat i mention in this post? hahaha...the answer is...*jeng jeng jeng* dear who return from malacca! she havent finish her exam yet but she coming back until this fri for settle something. i m glad manage to spend time wif her today eventhough just lunch time =). She'll b back for hols this sat, so an outing for us next week! Woop! =D

after fetch my dear to National Lib (she continue her study there), i went to cut my hair. Have to say buh-bye to my colored hair T___T..i have no money to dye i dowan spoile my hair. So why not just leave it black? black cool rite! hahahaha!!

* i change my word, my hair still got abit color XD *

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Berjaya Time Square,Krispy Kreme Opening (Part 2) + Bowling with nuffnanger

Ok continue my Krispy Kreme story! what happen to spec after he enter d shop? yea he get 1 month free supply! but with limit 1 box per week..1 month=4box=48 doughnuts.LOL!!! besides, some latest news here! Spec has become MOST WANTED person in innit now. Some blogger even declare an notice to catch him dead or alive! Oppss..i mean catch his doughnuts..hahaha..i pity him..

* Winner for golden ticket! *

* This is Krispy Kreme! Wee seem nice *

After finish celebrating the opening of KK, me, bern and coco walk around at TS, wondering what to do. SInce we are waiting vic to came, bern wanna go to arcade 1st and play his House of Death 4 game. Fuh! he super pro man playing tat game. Of coz, he have finished that game countlessly! hahaha..while he playing me n coco just stand beside and waiting for vic came. Unexpected, evelyn and jessica also came wif vic. LOL! Jessica ponteng kerja for KK also! LOL!!

* Shoot wif style! Bernard Chung! *

* Us *

Unfortunately three of them not joining our plan as they have their own plan, shopping and sing K. So after bern finish him game (he game over adi coz...SECRET), we went to Ampang Bowl for bowling game! yay! Long time din play bowling! d price increase adi! last tiem student price was RM3..but now RM3.50..sigh..however 3 of us play 4 set of games. In addition and coicidencely, i met Ee in d bowling center! actually she is d 1 who notice me 1st and came to pat my shoulder when i was going to throw d ball (luckily doesnt hit her face XD).

bern and coco really a profesional player! Bern can spin the ball (the skill tat i wanted to learn long time ago!!) and coco have the most beautiful pose after throw d ball (LOL!!). Me? lauya la..hahahaha..just know throw straight ball and rolling ball XD..1st set game bern won, 2nd set coco won and guess what? 3rd set game i won! hahaha..

so when come to 4th set of the game, we decided to make weird weird rules and ways to play to make the game more interesting and challenging. We make a rule for each throw, so in total there are 10 rules.

Rules 1# Must spin the ball

Rules 2# Must throw from right side of the lane

Rules 3# Stand in front of the lane and throw the ball by turning ur hand into 180 degrees (OMG this is d most freaking rules since no momentum, d ball kenot roll at all XD).

Rules 4# Use 14 pound ball

Rules 5# Use one hand to throw

Rules 6# Use 8kg ball to throw. When reach the lane must spread d leg and throw d ball

Rules 7# Finger only allow to "poke" on 2 hole (WTF! How to throw la!!)

Rules 8# After throw the ball leg and hand must lift up until d ball hit d bowlers

Rules 9# After throw the ball make james bond pose until d ball hit d bowlers

Rules 10# After throw the ball turn around to d back and make free style pose until d ball hit d bowlers

hahaha! We are reli crazy and thick face doing that! All auntie uncle leng chai leng lui was watching our craziness! LOL..i seriously laugh until wanna cry adi because during the rules 4#, coco wasn't able to support the weight and d ball roll to the back when she wanted tot throw it XD..hahaha

after finihs my game i went to meet Zoe who happen to be in d bowling center also. I tod wana fetch her back if out time was match but unfortunately she wanted to go somewhere else wif her friends.

Next 3 of us went to get lunch in sushi king. we ordered 3 set of KODOMO BENTO, my favourite set! but i wonder what so funny about it until both of them keep laughing. I know la is for children set but...i like it so much coz it contain various type of food! LOL!!

* Our Kodomo Bento *

We chit chatting in d shop for almost 1 hours before we decided to back. I send coco back to UCSI since she stay in tat hostel (eh i forgot to mention tat she from UCSI also XD) and bern to his UKM hostel in titiwangsa. A nice meeting anyway eventhough only 3 of us =)

* Picture of the day *

Monday, April 27, 2009

Berjaya Time Square,Krispy Kreme Opening...

"What is Krispy Kreme?", asked by Ee just now. Well to answer her, Krispy Creme is a doughnut store. Well in fact, Krispy Kreme might not an alien word to others ppl because it's store and branches was neverywhere world wide except in Malaysia since 1937. Thats mean Krispy Kreme already existed in the Earth for 72 Years! OMG!

So what now? After 72 years Malaysia finally have the first ever Krispy Kreme store, located on BTS. The first customer of the shop will be granted ONE YEAR FREE SUPPLY of Krispy Kreme! Wow! Sound good rite? so i do believe the whoever first customer of today opening must b have bringing blanket and overnite at TS, hahahaha...

Anyway not to make it too formal, Spectre was interested of the promotion (i guess). so he went to queue up in the morning, 7am. So to join the party just for the SAKE of fun, me, Bern & Coco join Spec but all of us came after 9am.

* Hi i am Spectre! Today i skip my work to get Krispy Kreme promotion! Muahahah *

Bern was giving up to queue because too many ppl adi. Even spectre who came on 7am on the morning is 80th customer (he can get ONE MONTH FREE SUPPLY), hahaha..phew, he gonna eat doughnut for whole 1 month for free XD..

* Spec lucky number *

* An unknown singer who performing for the opening *

* Finally spec can enter the shop! C ya! *

Well, due to some interruption, i gonna blog part two about today outing. We did alot silly thing today..hahaha

Part two will coming soon, stay tune to my blog ^^

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Church Funfair

My whole family get invitation from my uncle to attend his church event. His church was located in between setapak and sri rampai (d 1 nearby d international school). This morning popo came my house 1st and all of us went out on 1pm to the church.

basically i din found anything interesting in this event. i guess is more suitable to those auntie who prefer buy cheap stuff like clothes and handbag and also for small kids. Oh met one of my popo friend at there. She damn swt! ask me and my dad so many damn bloody question. She ask from A to Z 1 (mean ask all those Q until d deep)..LOL..

* Popo doing shoulder massage! Rm20 for half hour..haha *

to think in other way, i seldom attend church. Mayb it is fun to join d event once in a blue moon but defitenely not this kind of funfair..not my style at all.

oh before i forgot, joe gimme a call this noon and ask me to delay d plan to getting dslr..sigh kinda disappointed but nvm. Patient is virtue rite?

7 days more my hols over and say hello to my new sem! Woohoo!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

PS2 : Kamen Rider Climax Heroes

OMG!! To all fellow Riders fans who disappointed coz they din release Den-O and Kiva game in PS2, here a great news for u all!! A new Kamen Rider game will be release on this summer (Aug or Sept) known as KAMEN RIDER CLIMAX HEROES.

This game will features all main rider in heisei era only. Dun disappointed eventhough it just only main rider because be happy! U'll able to unlock all their form as well as weapon like Kiva Zanbat Sword. Based the screenshot below, i assume d graphic for tat game was cool eventhough it was for PS2.

* FFR, Kiva Arrow! *
* FAR, DE-De-De-Decade! *
* Attack Ride, Slash! *
* Kabuto VS Hibiki *
* Den-O VS Kiva *
* Faiz VS Kabuto! Coolest pose for Faiz rider kick! *
* Agito VS Kuuga *
* Blade VS Decade *
* Kiva Emperor form VS Blade King Form *
* Den-O Gun form VS Kabuto (?) *
* Den-O Rod form Full Charge *

OMG it was so cool! i wish i have PS2 >,<......sigh