Monday, April 27, 2009

Berjaya Time Square,Krispy Kreme Opening...

"What is Krispy Kreme?", asked by Ee just now. Well to answer her, Krispy Creme is a doughnut store. Well in fact, Krispy Kreme might not an alien word to others ppl because it's store and branches was neverywhere world wide except in Malaysia since 1937. Thats mean Krispy Kreme already existed in the Earth for 72 Years! OMG!

So what now? After 72 years Malaysia finally have the first ever Krispy Kreme store, located on BTS. The first customer of the shop will be granted ONE YEAR FREE SUPPLY of Krispy Kreme! Wow! Sound good rite? so i do believe the whoever first customer of today opening must b have bringing blanket and overnite at TS, hahahaha...

Anyway not to make it too formal, Spectre was interested of the promotion (i guess). so he went to queue up in the morning, 7am. So to join the party just for the SAKE of fun, me, Bern & Coco join Spec but all of us came after 9am.

* Hi i am Spectre! Today i skip my work to get Krispy Kreme promotion! Muahahah *

Bern was giving up to queue because too many ppl adi. Even spectre who came on 7am on the morning is 80th customer (he can get ONE MONTH FREE SUPPLY), hahaha..phew, he gonna eat doughnut for whole 1 month for free XD..

* Spec lucky number *

* An unknown singer who performing for the opening *

* Finally spec can enter the shop! C ya! *

Well, due to some interruption, i gonna blog part two about today outing. We did alot silly thing today..hahaha

Part two will coming soon, stay tune to my blog ^^


Voxy said...

why u all cant finish up the whole post and need to do part two one! whadda~

Jackie Loi said...

coz dun have complete pics..some wif me some wif her...LOL..n i need time to edit those pic =P