Sunday, April 05, 2009

Birthday Dinner with my families =D

ahh too bz to blog. Need catch back all the time i lost today to do my assign. Anyway i just back from birthday dinner with my family & relatives. Who's birthday? Good question! It was my sis. Her birthday supposely tmrw but we celeb wif her today together with other relatives. well picture tell everythings ok? ;)

* The birthday girl *

p/s i become photographer for my uncle, using his Nikon D90. Cool cam! =D

however all the pic below was taken using my beloved Olympus Fe-230 and my SE G900 ;D
* MY raletives *
* From left : Tai Kao Fu, Piu Yi 2, Piu Yi 1 and Popo *
* My red wine. Drink for 4 glasses adi *
* Peking Duck that wrap with wantan..i guess *
* Shark Fin soup *
* Fried Chicken Wing *
* The future architecture. She gonna build Chicken Wing Tower *
* Fish *
* Garlic Bread + Prawn *
* Toufu *
* Mee *
* Rachel, my underage cousin who "cheers" with popo and ku po *
* Random *
* From left : My sis, My dad & Cousin,san san *
* My youngest cousin, Ah Xien who camera shy *
* Birthday cake *
* Since popo birthday was around the corner, so she got the chance to cut d cake as well *
* Same goes to tai kao fu *
* piu yi wanna give ang pao to tai kao fu but he keep rejecting *
* Those kids started to Sing K in d room adi *
* small kids also can sing! *
Ok here come the final funny candid shot!

* Ah Xien could care less about all the "singer" and others people. He just sitting at one corner, enjoying his cake XD *