Sunday, April 26, 2009

Church Funfair

My whole family get invitation from my uncle to attend his church event. His church was located in between setapak and sri rampai (d 1 nearby d international school). This morning popo came my house 1st and all of us went out on 1pm to the church.

basically i din found anything interesting in this event. i guess is more suitable to those auntie who prefer buy cheap stuff like clothes and handbag and also for small kids. Oh met one of my popo friend at there. She damn swt! ask me and my dad so many damn bloody question. She ask from A to Z 1 (mean ask all those Q until d deep)..LOL..

* Popo doing shoulder massage! Rm20 for half hour..haha *

to think in other way, i seldom attend church. Mayb it is fun to join d event once in a blue moon but defitenely not this kind of funfair..not my style at all.

oh before i forgot, joe gimme a call this noon and ask me to delay d plan to getting dslr..sigh kinda disappointed but nvm. Patient is virtue rite?

7 days more my hols over and say hello to my new sem! Woohoo!!