Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coming Soon....

OMG! It have been few years since i watch thai ghost/horror movie in cinema! I dun reli remember how long is it..3~4 years? dun include "The Coffin" that i watched last year. It was thai most failure horror movie because it was stupid n funny. I still remember me n my friends laugh d whole movie because d ghost looks like 1 of our coursemate..haha! So today finally i went to watch "Coming Soon" after watch d trailer last month in youtube. This movie seriously pawned! Damn freaking scary until my pee and shit also come out! XD

First of all, the producer of this movie was GTH! LOL!! My first impression on this producer..GO TO HELL!! hahahaha...anyway the story is about an actress who act as a mad lady (i forgot her name) who kidnap small kids and poke out their eyes die for real (by hanging) during the filming because the movie director keep forcing her to act properly d hanging scene. The ghost haunted the related ppl in the film by kidnapping them into the movie, YES! She pull them into the movie and poke their eyes out! Ewwwwww!!!!!! It was so freaking scary!!! Plus, i love one of the scene where the main character carried (without his knowledge) the ghost on his back. This remind me the SHUTTER (Thai) movie where i watch in cinema too last 5~6 years back.

So enuf of movie summary. Today i m abit disappointed on KTM services. I wait for almost 1 hour only the KTM arrived. I am regretting for not driving my own to Mid Valley. The reason i dowan drive is to avoid paying parking fees..coz i m kinda broke recently. So i tod taking public transport is a good idea. Unfortunately the KTM cause me being late to my date wif my mui. FInally! Jackie Loi came late on the date for the first time!! Usually if i go a place by myself i'll reach early 1..sad..

So met my mui, Karen in front the Cinema. Due to time limit, we went to get our lunch first. We ate at Little Taiwan. LOL! My second time eating at here. When was the first time? it was few years back when i having gathering wif my primary school friends..hahaha..i order a set lunch which is vegetarian "siu ngo" mee + red tea = RM10.90 before tax. Their food was not bad, just portion too small. Anyway what do i expect more eating in MV...

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After the movie, we walked around MV. She wanted to look for present for her friends, a guy and a girl meanwhile i surveying prices for Nikon D60. She went to bought a necklace for d girl present and for guy she din manage to get it. In addition, i found out tat MV sell D60 for price range Rm2199-RM2288. LOL! Kinda i remember i checked nikon official web d retail price was RM2388. Anyway i m going to checked the price at SS2 with joe next week. If the time was reasonable n cheaper than d place i survey, we'll immediately buy =).

Besides, we went to look around laptop since she wanna get a new one. We came across a shop that only sell HP lappie. I saw one laptop very cool! i dunno what d model but it sell for RM3199. That laptop is fully touch screen and able to rotate the monitor. Coolest! I actually saw this kind laptop once last year in my uni. I saw one girl was using it and touch around d screen..LOL! Mayb i m kinda outdated to figure out this thing XD. We also enter an apple shop. We saw iphone 3G was put there for testing purposes. I went to play tat phone a while and figure out i m too noob to screw around wif it -,-...LOL!

Anyway it have been half year since d last time i met my mui. She is flying to aussie around june or july for her study. All d best to her =)

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p/s not to forget today is our lovely earth day. Protect and love ur earth ppl! Or else where u wanna stay? Mars (copy from zoe, hahaha)?