Monday, April 13, 2009

A day with internet return in action!

Am i been black listed by streamyx? I called them whole morning from 9~11am to complain about the line that KO since sat until today but none of them connected me to the technician. I was damn angry and stress with them. Without wasting my time i went to my uni around 11+ to do my work. I went back around 3pm and upon reaching my house, i got back my line! Fuahh! FInally! Hmmpp! Lucky them! If they still havent fix it for me i gonna slice them nicely like slicing potato! LOL

today was heavy rain and traffic jam everywhere due to flood. I was one of the unfortunate driver who got trap in jam due to rain. In addition, i got bullied by some bastard driver who wanted me to kill him. He cut me on other lane and switch to my lane. The best part was he purposely switch to my lane before his car pass through me completely. His car just cut me half way and turn to my lane adi, cause me almost hit his car (luckily i m not speeding..). Then tat bastard overtake my position and he seem fooling me. He keep pressing break as he like for a sudden. WTF! If my car was follow at his back close, i defitenely bang him into hell adi! Shit! After he fooling me, he accelerate and disappear from my sight. SHIT LA! Not to b racist here but i seriously hate malay driver...they tod that road is their father road. This is not the first time i face this situation. When i alwiz drive at MRR2 road, some bastard malay who seem not song c me drive slow (in fact i adi drive around 80~100km/h at middle lane), they'll cut me at next lane and turn around his bloody head to look at me, showing me some angry f**ker face. F la! If u dun like i drive so slow go drive at fast lane la!

* Driving while taking pics with my G900, haha *

Ok enuf complaining. I know Malaysian driver kenot be save adi. As chinese proverb said, "Yi fan dou sai yeuk fai" (Waste "medical" fees to cure it). I safely reach home after the heavy rain. Before i manage to get my butt sit down to rest, my cousin who from singapore give my sis a call and asked her wanted to go Sg Wang onot. My younger sis get excited (because she manage to get to c and go out wif my cousin,Alvin gf,Candy). She asked my mum around and me wether can go onot. Well, she need my accompanied to there -, after some deal and offer between she n my mum, a conclusion come. Me & my another 2 sis went there by LRT. I dowan to drive coz raining and traffic jam due to peak hour (almost 5pm tat time).

At the instant we reach Sg Wang, my younger sis requested to take photo pics..LOL..we took 2 machine in d sg Wang and the result..NOt bad la..LOL

After that we walked to TS and time already 6.20pm. Alvin and Candy went back to Seremban (my granma house) while i went to Digi Centre to do some application to change to postpaid. Yes! I am using Digi Postpaid now coz the calling rate was cheaper..LOL

After that, we went back to our home by LRT again. It have been 2~3 weeks since i din take LRT because i m driving to uni now..haha..kinda blur wif those station. Anyway today is a busy day. Tmrw i m going uni earlier than today to finish up my final assign for traditional animation. Hopefully tmrw manage to complete all.

Anyway Good luck for everyone who currently still struggle for exam and Happy Hols for those who adi started hols!

p/s i know my blog currently naked. SOmething wrong with the image host web i using. I gotta shift to photobucket soon. As i promise, this week i gonna evolve my blog...hopefully i can make it. ^^