Friday, April 24, 2009

A Green Box

Today i went to sing K with my girl friends! Ok all girls and i seorang laki sajer..LOL...It was my first time went to sing in Green Box, Sg Wang. Previously i alwiz went to Neway in TS. Anyway i got free parking as well today! I parked at Jalan Alor (d place where kwongfei park before when v attend Nuffnang Gathering in PV) but no one come n ask payment from me.LOL!! Chunted!

Went to sing from 12~3pm. Food and beverage in Green Box not bad. I ordered Green Herb sauce pasta! LOL...and drinks is refilable. I went to get winter melon drinks..LOL! Well since all banana today, none of us know read chinese word XD..i have to memorize few chinese character in order to choose my song..hahaha..i sang few songs only anyway coz i wasn't in d mood. Hehe, btw Peiying is great singer! fuh her voice chun man! She can enter competition adi...Haha!
* First time i play with the remote control *
* Pineapple juice..WTF *
* Chinese Herb Sauce Pasta *
* Tom Yam Fried Rice *
* Who is tat guy? hehe *
* Yvonne *
* Sooyan..sempat pose lagi tu *
* Me Me Me!! *
* Pei Ying *
* Yvonne & Sooyan *
* Me & Yvonne *
* Yvonne & Peiying *

After finish sing, i wanted to watch Cop Mall movie. We went to PV to check the time but unfortunately the time was too late. So we decided not to watch but walk around PV. They went to shopping while i jzu stand beside and trying to appreciated girl stuff..LOL!! After tat i requested them to follow me to Low Yat to survey Nikon D60 price. I found out tat it was cheaper than SS2. I'll go there wif joe next wed to figure out which shop is cheaper =X..hehehe

after went back home, i bath and change myself to go out again. I went out to have dinner wif d same gang again in old town. After dinner, we wanted to go cola club to listen ppl sing song but today seem no singer. So we went in to a souvenir shop and look around. I found alot cute stuffs in d shop..hehehe

anyway i have fun mix around wif them today eventhough all girl. I cant wait to get my DSLR next week. OMG! After next week my hols over and hello to my new sem. LOL! Well GOD bless me.


aLviN said...

go sing k wif all girlz so hang fuk ar... never call me!!! hmmphhh...

Jackie Loi said...

alvin kor LOL....blekkk! u also nv call me! hahaha