Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guess who?

Finally i post up this post! Muahahhaha! It happened last month but i dun have yet couldn't find pic to post up about it. So finally it manage to get it!! *to be more accurate i stole it from his fb profile...hahahah*

So who is him and her? one is my cousin and another 1 is his wife (my piu dai sou? i dunno should call her what..haha..last time i call her name straight, cindy..LOL!). Yea finally my cousin, Jia Long married =) *wink wink*. When is my turn? *hinting hinting..hahahah*

sadly me n my family no chance to attend his wedding last month due to my busy life in uni, my sis schooling day and my dad working day! LOL..anyway i heard he gonna come KL to have dinner party with all relative in KL. i definitely will attend tat time =). to be honest i nv attend any wedding ceremony before..

It remind me a joke between me n my dear before this. For those who know me, u guys should know i m kinda free thinker felor. Hey it doesnt mean i dun have religion, i do have! just never practise..LOL! more or less i m likely those ppl who hanging around "buddhist" religion on neck only..LOL!

She asked me "since u no religion, i wonder how is ur future marriage. What style u'll following?"
Me "Wah! I am buddhist ok! I got religion. Err, i also dunno. follow back buddhist kua? LOL"

LOL! I also wonder what is my future marriage will b XD..but i tod none christian also can have wedding in church rite? m i rite? LOL!! nvm..not d time yet for me to think tat..hahaha XD


inkish27 said...

didnt go for wedding ceremony?

you got to attend more and prepare one for yourself dye... :P

nicol said...

actually...i quite envy wit those ppl who marry de..

every time saw ppl in a marriage...
i felt wanna to marry la..

sshhh....dun tell ppl o...^^

Jackie Loi said...

@inkish LOL! not d time for me yet la..XD.hahah

@nicol LOL! u adi annouce here! i kenot help u keep d secret adi,.hahahahaha

nicol said...

is ok is ok...
cos...temporaly nicol still single...
no big deal..

Jackie Loi said...

@ LOL..tats mean when u attach later...u gonna kill me n my blog to destroy d evidence? XD