Friday, April 17, 2009

HENSHIN! My blog new form!

Finally my blog achieved new form! LOL! This form new form was created to celebrate my blog 1st anniversary on this coming 7th June. So, without realising i have been blogging using blogspot for almost a year. I have decided that this blog will be my permanent blog. Why? Because of this blog i manage to get more readers (thx guys =D), i manage to keep in touch wif my others friends who blog too, i met alot new friends especially from nuffnang innit (thx guys! U guys rocks my life =D).

Ok lets make some quick review on my blog new form. As u guys notice, my bar have shifted from right to left and the right have fours navigation bar that enable u guys access dif pages of my blog. The main page of my blog will be my post of coz. On the left bar will contain my nuffnang ads, cbox, feedjit, mini profile, achieves and previous post.

The navigation bar will allowed u all access to my profile page, my network page and all my blogger friends link. Oh i change the tag pic as well! haha..using their sexy eyes as tag! LOL! PLS DUN ELECTRIFY ME! XD....should i make a competition title "Who owned the sexiest eyes in my blog tag link?"..LOL!

I am using simple design this time where no graphic required to be my blog skin. Reason? i m having some trouble wif my ex-img host web. So i decided to make it simple.

p/s feel something missing in my blog? YES the banner! Well, lets make it suspense ok? I am not going to add it until the real day for my blog come =D