Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holiday START!

Pifff!! i am being confuse wif my own holiday! hahaha..i officially hols after 9th april (remember i m having my final exam and watch PANTAS & GARANG tat day?). However i still got 1 assign need submit, Traditional Animation! LOL!!! Eventhough no class, but the submission date was during hols! LOL!

i am so frust fixing my animation prob since last sat until today. What error i had? I think every1 confirm having this error if they put their fps to 24 (standard fps for television) and put too many voice clip. The voice clip will start having error as it going too fast before d animation frame.

I asked alot ppl help but all their opinion just "Checked ur keyframe". i am sure there is nth wrong wif my keyframe. I even google it and found out Flash kenot put 24 fps..WTF? so despo..hahahaha...finally i asked Usaid for helped today! He waited me at Desa on noon and i fetch him. We get our lunch in mamak stall nearby my house and later he went my house fix d prob for me.

He have been trying thousands way to fix it to me and finally he fed up and search at google for actionscript. to be honest i dunno any actionscript for FLASH =X..so i let him do d job while i looking and blurring..LOL! So after searching for almost...2 hous, finally he found d code! he fix it for me! d sound and animation match perfectly! woohooo! in addition, office was supposely close on 1700 hours, but i called mr teh and he told me he can waited for me until 1730 hours.

After finish compiling everything n burn in CD, we rushing out at 1700 hours! Wow imagine fly all d way from my house to UCSI before 1730 hours. But hey! i made it! ahahahaha..i speed and accelerate all d way no matter traffic jam onot. So i manage to submit my animation on time. Eh? did i mention when is d due date of my animation?

last thurs Mr Rini told me d submission is b4 this thurs. since when i went back early last week, i dunno tat Mr Rini change d submission date to before this wed. WTF!! I kenot submit tmrw coz i going out. None of my coursemate inform me tat Mr Rini change d date until yesterday SHE told me. WTF! I dunno should say thanks to her or F her up.

Anyway d prob solve. i dowan to b bothered by this anymore. I finally can RIP. AMEN Jackie..LOL!! CHoiii!!! I dowan die 1st. I wanna enjoy d rest hols i left! My new sem starting on 4th may! LOL 1 more weeks plus to go =D. Anyway i would like to post some screen short of my animation here =D

i will post up my flash 1 when i did some changes using actionscript for every1 convenience =D


Chris Thoo said...

hehehe..u should put the animation up too mah...^___^

Jackie Loi said...

hahha..i wan to but i wanna put start actionscript on it..coz i dowan ppl who view my blog tat flash terus auto play