Thursday, April 02, 2009

I stole it!?

Saw that big briefcase!? Inside that was contain all world top secret weapon! Muahahhaa..i managed to stole and gotta sell it to mafia boss for high price!!


*omg i know it is lame...LOL*

Ok i juz jk. That giant thingy wasn't a briefcase. It was a light box. What is light box? Light box is a box that contain giant light inside there..LOL! *crap* use by animator to draw 2d animation. It used to trace the paper *obviously*.

I borrowed it from my studio today. I need it to done my final assign for traditional animation T__T...suffer wif it. I left 2 weeks times to do it and i din even start anything of it yet due to another animation i need to do.

Anyway today was my 2nd time/day drove to uni. I faced some coolest or mayb bad experience i ever face since i drive so many times. My battery box (i dunno d name correct onot) was KO. I couldn't start my car at all when i m ready to back after my class. Not to mention i couldn't even use d remote to open d door at 1st. I straight away get freak out and d 1st thing i suspect was "Sei fo lo! No battery?"..i immediately call my Superman Daddy for help. Luckily he was nearby and come to my uni to check out my car. He couldn't solve it for me too and luckily at the moment, d driver who parked his car in front of my car came out from Old Town and offered to help us.

He took out two giant crocodile clip from his car and performed jump start on my car. Wee, my car finally can start back. I am save! fuhh..i was so scare that my car need pull by track adi XD...anyway it was my first time facing this was a valuable experience to learned.

I managed to meet up wif Ee this morning, as usually our weekly meeting for kepoh-ing and chitchatting. Well this is d last day i gonna meet her. Pity her this few day for continuous bad luck strike on her. (p/s my car KO today. Is it bcoz she pass her bad luck to me? LOL)..Next sem dunno got chance onot since she entered degree adi and will facing a bz life..hehe..anyway all d best to her =)

Tmrw or sat might went to yumcha at Midvalley wif yvonne n frank. I still considering wether wanna go onot due to my loaded assign. but most probably i'll going. I cant resist myself from such offer XD...tsk tsk tsk..