Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 12 (Reunion: Project Agito)

Kamen rider Decade Ep 12 1/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 12 2/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 12 3/3

Comment : Haha the first user of g3-X was funny. Besides, Yuusuke forgetting himself as Kuuga huh? What a sad felor -,-...btw, for those who nv watch Agito, Shouchi Ashikawa was Agito in next ep! Why he is gills exceed form now? Based on the Agito Series, Gills was incomplete evolution of Agito. for eg Gills and Another Agito from Agito series. It seem he manage to become Agito in next episode. Cool 2nd favourite riders!