Friday, April 10, 2009

Pantas dan Garang Empat

before i start my blog content, i wanna emo 1st!

Damn u streamyx!!! Y no line for yesterday whole day!! GAHH!! I HATE U ALLL!!!

due to yesterday problem, i cant on9 at dad was considering changing it to p1 Wimax. Did any1 using it? is d connection and package good?

anyway my final exam over! My hard work on studying was worth for it (eventhough last min study..LOL)! D essay Q was quite easy..hopefully can score A ^^. Anyway after exam, me, Joe, Bala and Nicol went to watch movie at Leisure Mall. What movie we watching? It was PANTAS dan GARANG EMPAT! LOL!!! For those who dun understand malay, it was Fast & Furious 4 which direct translated by stupid ppl in d movie subtitle. WTF! Hahaha

The movie was kinda cool! To be honest i never watch 1,2 and 3 b4. Straight away jump to 4! hahaha...well d car kinda well design and what i love most was d GPS in their car. can talk 1 leh! Hahaha..i wish i could have tat technology at my little darling. After movie, we went to outside for lunch. Surpricingly me and joe figure out Cheras got "Mien Tui Mien" Restaurant. We decided to eat there since it was cheap. 1 Mee cheapest RM3.50.

However this shop kinda disappointing, when we looked at the menu, POOF! The cheapest food was RM5.30! WHAT! I wonder is d price increase or only this outlet that expensive. Coz as i remember Prima Setapak "Mien Tui Mien" food cost around RM3-4 only.

while getting lunch there, we chit chatting and gossiping ppl stuff from our uni. hahaha..we went back around 3.45pm after d lunch. I fetch Joe and Bala back to uni while Nicol stay at Leisure Mall to waited for her mum. Oh before i forgot, Happy Belated Birthday to u Nicol! A sincere wish from my blog and myself XD...well she is my 4th friends who turn to 21st years old! LOL!! Another teenager who enter adult world...i still got half year to go! *Hinting hinting!*...hahaha

p/s i was onlining at cyber cafe now. Shit streamyx still no line today. Anyway i got 1 more final assign to do. Gotta focus on it 100% since no longer need study for exam now! Jia you jackie!