Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Printing cost RM30!? WTF!

Gahh i guess every1 was stress now! For those who start their new sem since jan 2009, this month or next month will b almost towards d end sem adi. I envy all my frenz who currently juz busy study for final exam...what bout me? I need struggle for both exam and assign in same time..sigh..

I just dunno what happen to both my sis pc and my lappie..cant use flash at all..keep hang like hell or auto close d application. Darn it make me so frust d whole morning yesterday! So i finally freak out and drive all d way back uni just to use my comp lab to do my animation. Well at least my decision and determination got me a result. I finally done d lip sync assign! 1 Animation assign down! So now left the final animation which i havent started at all..however i got all d idea and method to do it. GOD BLESS ME! I got my exam token too which i forget to take on monday...

* Exam Token *

Today i went uni just to attend Visual Comm. Before i forget, i already presented on monday. However they are still plenty groups who havent present yet, so it was bring forward to today. Since Ms Shafida said attendance was taken, so i purposely come all d way to attend d class, as well as submited my sketch book to her. I reach kinda early, 1 hour b4 d class. So i wen tto print my Art History final assign and Journal coz my house printer no ink. That stupid damn Journal itself cost RM26 for printing and the final assign cost Rm4 only..sigh..sad, my RM30 fly just like that =(...that both assign supposely submit on mon. But i was way too lz drive all d way on monday just for submission. So i plan to finished it by today and submit tmrw to the office. In the same time, i can completely focus on my final assign for animation.

* Final Assign *

* My "Valuable" Journal *

p/s OMG! I forgot tmrw is my final exam! Gotta study! Hope i manage go through this..just dunno why i lost my interest sitting for paper since STPM -,-..i guess i m more interested to do assign and presentation now..LOL! I started to hate writing i guess =X