Saturday, April 11, 2009


roar!!! i wanna kill ppl adi now! i wanna burn down TM!! WTF no line again today!! My line just restored yesterday nite around 7pm...then then morning 11am+ start no line again! SHIT!!! i hate it i hate it i hate it! Cause me now run to cc again! I cant do my assign at all! ahhhh!!!!

anyway i just back from sending my 1st uncle (tai kao fu) to airport. It have been few years since i send him. We went to KLIA airport. If i not mistaken it was my 4th or 5th times been here...sigh, i know i sound sakai...what to do, i never travel to other state b4..dun say take plane la..LOL..we went to dinner at KFC after he checked in. He enter the check point around 8pm. Well after today, dunno have to wait how long only gotta see him. I heard he gonna come again 1 or 2 years later wif his whole family. Not to forget his daugther, my cousin who gonna graduate this coming july. Congrate to her =D

* On9 with my G900 using KLIA wifi! Super fast man! 1st time my phone can buffer youtube video *


BYE BYE~Sayonara~!

in addition, i gonna evolve my blog..hopefully next week if my line din down...sigh, damn u streamyx!