Saturday, April 04, 2009

Should or Shouldn't?

Yesterday my 3 hours life was d most retarded! I was doing my Traditional Animation assign at my sis pc since her pc was installed with Flash while mine dun have (since my laptop is in dying mode). The best thing was, i spend more than 20 min to do d scanning on my images and 40 mins on animated it. So here the best thing happens, When i m done animated it, i have no idea why her pc So Damn GOD Laggg! I cant see the smoothness and flow of my animation. So i could care less it and press save. Another coolest things happen, her pc immediately hang and *poofff*...Flash was not responding, immediately auto shut down. My animation gone i have to redo everything from zero. While redo-ing it half way, i was being cauntion adi and wanted to save it for safety purposes..same thing happen again, it stop responding and auto shut down again! WTF!!! i m so freak off!! i have to redo everything again and again from ZERO T__T..finally i m done wif my animation on 3rd tried and succesfully save it. When i open my save file...*ding dong*, the file was corrupted and couldn't read...shit!! I was totally gone insane and throw away my assign..not in d mood do anymore..*run to corner and emo....*

Today weekend! Time flies so fast. I purposely drive all d way to uni today to submit my Life Drawing folio. Mr Ernesto was came last and upon his arrival, he talking on phone for more than 30 min..LOL..wasted my precious time T__T..after that i went back from my uni from 1230. I was speeding all d way back to setapak, to Nikita house because Ying Wei needs my help on her cert thingy (she was in nikita house). Oh yea, almost forgot, Nikita was attending Nuffnang Music Bash tonite wif her bro. So nice huh? Well this style party wasn't suite me..i m too old for that. Old as not in age..haha..anyway after helped her i went to my both female friends house, Yvonne & Sooyan to brought them all d way to Mid Valley. Wow! I am kinda siao..from Cheras back to setapak and from setapak back to Mid Valley. It was nearer to Mid Valley from my uni..LOL

When we reached there, we went to bought tics for movie 1st. Wow MV was full today...luckily they open new counter for "Confession of a Shopaholic" movie to cut short the queue. Eh forgot to say, tats d movie v watched today..haha..after bought d tics, Frank came and meet us in front GSC. Later,we went to Kim Gary for lunch and yumcha-ing. After finish yumcha-ing, we walked around MV while i surveying a DSLR price at there. I went into Fotokem shop and guess what? they only recommended me Canon 1000D and 450D..LOL...and they told me Nikon no more stock adi. D whole world adi cut off d supply, WTF! is that true? can some1 confirm wif me? LOL...Anyway i wanted to go others place to survey it also.

After 1630 hours, 3 of us went into cinema while frank went to find his friends. Hm well the storyline was not as in my expectation since i never c d trailer before. I guess it was more suitable for girl watching. Prove? I saw and heard yvonne & sooyan laughing so loud while i just..*speechless i guess..hahaha*..After d movie, it was already 1830 hours. Due all of us need to rush back home for some reason, without wasting our time we moved our feet back to car park and i fetched them back to their house.

Anyway here d real post regarding my blog title. Should i or shouldn't? i just received an email from They wann aadvertise their advertisement in my blog. Should i accept it or decline it? I need sincere opinion from u all. But then for 1 thing i am clear that i dun reli mind if they pay me or not..LOL!!