Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sushi King at Jaya Jusco, Setiawangsa

i m so sleepy now! haha, just woke up from nap. I went to nap immediately after dinner..LOL..sleepy pig! XD...well i woke up way early today. I woke up on 5.25am and went out to uni on 6.15am. I reach there b4 7am and it seem like a death city in uni, LOL! I went to comp lab and continue my final assign for animation. I worked all d way alone there from 7am until 12.45pm, where suetyee came and get me after her exam. My animation now was 60% done. Wee! Put abit more frame and sound clip it will gonna done =D. I fetch suetyee to her house, Angkasa to took all her stuff back to Setapak.

* Visitor Pass for Angkasa *

* Me back in action! *

* Angkasa condo *

She was requesting for Sushi since tat day sun, hahaha...so without hesitating, i decided to went Jaya Jusco that located at Setiawangsa for Sushi King outlet. reason? I never been there before and it was nearerest outlet in setapak area. After picked up her stuffs from her house, i drove all d way back to setapak and fetched sooyan at Air Panas.

So we reach JJ around 2pm. Was super damn hungry adi tat time. Upon arrival, we immediately went to the shop. It was small compare to others outlet. Even smaller than the KLCC outlet! LOL! And that shop was pack wif ppl tat time. However luckily one table just clear out of human and we manage to get d table without queue,LOL! Oh for all Sushi King lover, they having promotion this few days which is from 13th~16th april, members of Sushi King can enjoy all plates on the conveyor belt just for Rm2 all! Wow! I see mostly all customer was eating that. Unfortunately none of us have d member card, so we have to order expensive food to eat -,-..sad...

Something funny was happen as well when we in the shop. Vi Kie was sitting next 2 table on my right side. However i cant recorgnize her coz..reli long time din c her adi. She seem can recorgnize me and keep looking at my direction and smile on me. I was looking on her direction too, but wif blur face..and in the same time i looking the conveyor belt on her side, hahaha...so ended up we din greet each others coz dun dare and not confirm is we are d person we thinking of until she msn me just now for confirmation, LOL! Paiseh giler...i guess i reli bad in recorgnizing ppl afterall..

I managed to eat 2 plate of Inari only today due to insufficient money i had with myself (i spend most of my money in this 2 days..sigh).after finish lunch, we went to walk around the JJ so that we can digest all the food in our storage..LOL. Well afterall the JJ wasn't as big as i expected but kinda nice design compare to wangsa maju 1. Besides, rain was heavily 1 hours before we head back.

After tat, i fetched suetyee back to her setapak house and entered her house with sooyan. She went to bath 1st while we waited for her. Next, our destination was Sooyan house! It was my first time went her house. Her house was reli full wif game! A true game maniac! PS2, PS3, NDS, WII! OMG! I feel like steal one of them back to my house adi! hahaha..we went to play Resident Evil 5 (PS3). I patnered with Suetyee in the game. Well the control was kinda confusing and i alwiz mispress the shooting button, sigh...at d end on stage 3 Suetyee was killed by a zombie dog who turn into 2 head chimera looked zombie..LOL..after d game, 3 of us played WII. Yes, she have 3 WII + 3 Nunchuk controller..LOL! Cool rite? Hahha..we play a game called..err Rayman i guess. Kinda funny game and i alwiz score the lowest score..LOL! it was my first time play WII too..and kinda fun of it =). After trying once for d WII, i feel like getting myseld one too. I wanna play Yu-Gi-Oh 5D in WII!! I watched the preview once and the riding duel was so damn cool!

Well, thats all my day today. It was a fun experience for first time being in JJ (Setiawangsa), first time play PS3 and WII. Hehe ^^