Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wendy's at Jaya Jusco,Setiawangsa

since recently all inniter talking about ramli burger, it reli affected my brain! it cause me crawling for burger badly since i long time din eat burger adi...LOL! So today i date her for lunch. I fetch her at National Library. At first i wanted to go Mc D near Tawakal Hospital but unfortunately no parking. Finally i change my mind n suggest to eat at Setiawangsa, Jaya Jusco.

Upon arrival there, i completely forgotten my will for burger. We walked around looking for food to eat and finally we come across a shop, Wendy's. She told me alot ppl bad comment at this restaurant. However i dare to give it a try since it seem nice. I gave a damn to enter the shop with her and choose our meal. We ordered a set of combo and an ala'cart meal. My combo will be a large set of Spicy Chicken burger and her will be Shrimp burger (i forgot d name...swt). We share the large fries and drinks.

* The wrapper of Wendy's *
* Spicy Chicken Burger *
* Shrimp Burger *
* Shrimp meat...seem delicious rite? *
* The bill...LOL *

The burger was not bad taste, but not awesome compare to Mc D. The portion is small as well compare to Ramli burger! LOL!! It seem like my "Buddha Palm" can dominate the whole burger XD. Finally i understand why every1 had bad comment on it. My suggestion, if d portion or burger size are standard or even bigger (like chilis), i believe i'll return for 2nd time in this restaurant.

Oh before i forgot, who is she anyway tat i mention in this post? hahaha...the answer is...*jeng jeng jeng* dear who return from malacca! she havent finish her exam yet but she coming back until this fri for settle something. i m glad manage to spend time wif her today eventhough just lunch time =). She'll b back for hols this sat, so an outing for us next week! Woop! =D

after fetch my dear to National Lib (she continue her study there), i went to cut my hair. Have to say buh-bye to my colored hair T___T..i have no money to dye i dowan spoile my hair. So why not just leave it black? black cool rite! hahahaha!!

* i change my word, my hair still got abit color XD *


sirei said...

next time try Carl's Jr. :P

Jackie Loi said...

neh i eat b4 reli big XD..haha..n expensive also