Friday, April 03, 2009

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Stardust Acceleration : World Champion 2009

To all Yu-Gi-Oh fans! Finally 5D's games release in NDS! I know everyone been waiting for this game for so long due to new gameplay, Synchro summon that shown in 5D's series. I played this game since last week and to be honest i am abit disappointed with it..However before i reveal my review on this game, lets takes a loot on the gameplay screenshot! It was cool =D

* Main screen *

* Story Mode & World Championship *

* Duelist Menu in Story Mode *

* First 4 pack available in game *

* Still same like usual *

* I dun like the camera view =( *

* The 3d graphic *

* Yusei! Too bad he dun have much role in the game *

* Mini game *

* End of the game *

Ok finish enjoy d screenshot? It was a great game afterall..but not that greatest either. I realise few cards have been banned such as "Called for Haunted". However dun disappointed, MOnster Reborn card are back! They no longer banned this card. This is cool! =D

Graphics (8/10)

The monsters attacking look nice, they show the entire body of the monster usually. For the first time, a DS YuGiOh game had 3D characters and environment, but wasn't so nice to look at. Its blocky and low animation quality(When duel starts, Duelists strike a pose, which was poorly animated). But when you see the sprites, the detail and art for them is fantastic. Some of the best drawn sprites ever.

Story (2/10)

Sadly, it was short. WAY TOOO SHORT!! According to expert review, it only consist maybe 5-6 hours of gameplay, while most other games of this series can go on for days with non-stop playing. The storyline was boring and seemed to have no feeling. It was almost the same storyline as 5D's original storyline. The ending wasn't really an ending. It end after u won the Fortune Cup against riding duel with Jack. After it says you won, you leave a building and credits role. But, what could you expect from a series that just started a few months ago? Well, maybe ask for a little more, like 3 more hours of story.

Gameplay (7/10)

Not bad. Turbo Duels are good but i expect more on graphic when riding d bike.Same goes to Tag Duels. Regular Duels are normal but i dun like the field camera view.

What's not so good is some of the mazes or events in this game such as the races or the random puzzles or the random missions you run into. They were just random and reminded me too much of Pokemon except they serve no purpose. Anyway, it's ok. Just really a pain at times and unnecessary events that are randomly thrown in.

Replay Value (3/10)

Get all the cards, duel forever. Once you beat the game that's about it. Nothing special, your the duel king or w/e. World Championship mode is a waste since it's just pointless and never ending. They should remove it for good. I personally think it serves no point anymore since you can do the same exact thing in the game.

You can even duel back the same person in world champion mode. Eg You duel with Yusei 5 times in Storymode. When u go World Champion mode, you'll see your duel record with Yusei was 5 times (if u win 5 times).

Overall (5/10)

I expected more on story mode. Oh well i dun reli enjoy much on it and i rather duel in World Champion mode. What i love was we able to customize our bike but not much choices of part. The things i love most was new card available especially the famous synchro monster. Sadly d game dun have Dark Synchro monster nor Earthbound god (As i said this game end in Fortune Cup event. Based on original anime, Dark Signer only appear after the season). Besides, they only features 4~5 black wing series monster..sadly, i wanted to use Crow deck so badly.

Is it worth trying though? I say so at least. It's a fun game, but gets old really quick unless your hardcore about Yugioh.


Anonymous said...

Im stuck on where. Your going to enter the tag team ternament and I need to find a partner? I can't find my partner! Do you know where this partner is?

Anonymous said...

You can reach me at


Im the one with the question

Anonymous said...

World Championship is not a waste. You can go online and duel for a better competition than an AI or duel your friends.

Also you can get a partner by going to the underground duel arena and beat someone there. Once you do, they will ask for form a tag team.