Sunday, May 03, 2009

200th post SPECIAL EDITION : Zafz show off his DecaDriver

This post gonna be my 200th post in blogspot! Wow! I never expect i can blog that much within 1 year. Thanks for being my companion my dear blog and all my loyal reader =). This early morning Zafz was chatting with me in msn and webcaming with him. Who is him? he is one of Kamen Rider fans just like me! He bought a DecaDriver in SG. I told him that no need get FFR toy series in order to get FFR card because those barcode can download from net. He manage to print one of them and try to show me this morning. Here the awesomeness of DecaDriver!

Cool? With the printed template, you can have various type of card just like in Decade series. Here the link for the template :

What? those template are blank? well u can photoshop it by ur own as long as u din modify d barcode (since DecaDriver functioned by reading d barcode). Sigh, how i wish i m lucky like kids nowday, can afford to buy those kind of collection toys...

Anyway i watched Decade ep 15 RAW! It was funny like hell and make me cant stop laughing! I'll post my comment on it when d subbed version out =D