Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

Yosh! Orewa Jackie Loi! Today i would like to let all my readers know how OUTSTANDING i am in my life!!

* YOU! *

Maybe alot you guys din realise or dun even know that i was dreaming to be a singer when i am kid. I bet everyone know who is Aaron Kwok! Yes, 1 of the 4 heavenly king singer in HK. Since kid i have been exposed to his song and dance. I tend do sing and dance everytime and everywhere i heard his song. They are once i dance for the farewell party in my kindergarten. However from day to day i grow out, i realise my dream is not that ez to become true. Not until i manage to designed my own album cover back to year 2006!

* My first album, Red Tears *

* In The Love With... *

* Jackie Duo *

* White Christmas *

*Colour of Dream *

* Confession *

* My first malay album : Mengapa Perlu Cinta? *

* My first mandarin album *

There! My solo album! u cant get from market but from me only XD..

ok back to original topic. Besides this, how out standing else i m? I have been assigned few several post back to secondary school. Here is one of the example :

Besides, i believe everyone know i am famous! Yes! FAMOUS! Famous of shortie! I admit i m short anyway...LOL......However shortie have alot advantages as well. We can steal spotlight during group pic was taken. For example here :

See! I was stand d most front and steal most attention at LGBlog launch party.

In addition, i just bought my latest Baby KonKon. Since i ever have her at my side, everyone was invited me for photoshooting. For the latest photoshooting i ever join was MDG final 2009.

* Me and my baby KonKon *

* Malaysian Dream Girl *

* Jackie Sanjou! *

Besides, alot ppl was asking me for camwhore. I might be short among guy, however my height was an ideal for every girl =D... See!

* Me & Evelyn *

* Me and hitomi again *

* .....ok forget about her..XD *

Oh before i forgot, i possessed my family secret technique that already lost long in China. Double Dragon ChopStick!

* Double Dragon Chopstick where i wield two chopstick *

and i always leave my footprint when i at Mc D =D

* Seeeeeeee! ^^ *

Opss, i guess i should be humble and reduce abit my fame. Or else i might be end up like last fri incident where both gay....

* trying to kisssss me!! *

So as conclusion, who said shortie bad? We have our own advantages! Agree? That's how i standout most in my life with my own unique physical and creativity =D


cibol said...

fuh, that's the kenny without photochop! he's fat!

Jackie Loi said...

haha i guess he gain weight XD

Serge Norguard said...

cibai using my gay moment with you to promo yourself

Jackie Loi said...

@serge LOL...oi u rape me jer! i din gay wif u!! XD

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Yay! Jom standout together at the event. *brows*

Jackie Loi said...

@kristine yea jom! itupun if i get XD..i hope both of us get =P

Isaac Wong said...

Why everyone put up gay photo sure got me one... Sei mou!

Jackie Loi said...

@isaac coz u born to be gay la..isk!

HitoMi^^ said...

haha, gays Love you!! that's why
hehe, everybody has really cracked their heads to stand out

say bye bye to the Hp notebook

Jackie Loi said...

@haha..oh well...i guess i over do it.."i m standout to be short"..LOL WTF..XD

HitoMi^^ said...

haha, erm, can also geh...

Jackie Loi said...

@haha..sei fo lo.XD

Chris Thoo said...

ah loiiii.......hehehehee

Jackie Loi said...

Ah thooo!! hahahaha