Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kamen Rider Fanfics part 1

*just ignore this post if you're not interested on my creativity XD*

Well, those who know me well should know i m pretty addicted to japanese toku especially Kamen Rider. I still remember the first Kamen Rider i ever watch was KR Black RX (US Version). I pretty sure all KR Fans will said that version sucks. Since that, i stop watching Kamen Rider until few years back when i learn they is free streaming video web, i gave myself a try to re-watch Kamen Rider. The first Heisei rider series i watch was 555. It was pretty good and impressed me with the nice design character and amazing storyline.

Next i watch Agito, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva and currently, Decade. The only Heisei rider series i never watch was Kuuga, Hibiki & Blade. Anyway, i m pretty impressed by those well design rider costume. Since last year, i tried to create my very own Kamen Rider character design. I wish someday when i am a 3D Animator, i gonna make my very own kamen rider series/movie (with my current design) in 3D.

Anyway it might be boring, so another warning for you, pls ignore this post if u r not interested XP..if u do lets go! i'll intro those rider character i designed =)

Kamen Rider Hercules Series

Summary : Two ancient riders who battle evil king, Joker resurrected in modern world to battle against new race, Vambie in another world known as Network World.

Kamen Rider Hercules

The main rider in the series. The user of Hercules rider system ancient time was Shira, Kami (God) elder son. After the Forbidden War, Shira resurrected as Shinichi Mimura, human from Human World. Shinichi been summoned to Network World and received the duties as Hercules once again to battle against Vambie clan.

Hercules is Fly base rider. Hercules rider system can only be used by people who inherit God power. By pressing the middle button on rider plate, Hercules can access and perform various finisher. Besides, he able to summon difference type of weapon depending on his form by pressing the left button on his rider belt.

Kamen Rider Kazaf

The second rider in the series. The user of Kazaf system ancient time was Ara, Kami (God) younger son. He is Shira sibling. After the forbidden War, Ara resurrected as Asou Akira, human from Network World. Unfortunately Akira rider system been stole by Cronos, leader of Vambie clan. Cronos be the primary user of Kazaf system at the whole series. He used Kazaf system to compress his Vambie power because he unable to control it's own power.

Kazaf is Grasshopper base rider. Kazaf rider system is similar to Hercules system, can only be used by peoplke who inherit God power. However, Cronos hack the system and cause him able to use the system. Similar to Hercules, Kazaf rider belt have two switches on left and right that allow him accessed difference weapon for difference combat. Kazaf able to perform his finisher using the user will.

Kamen Rider Nova

Kamen Rider Nova is resurrection of Joker. He possessed into Nova body and use him as his host to transform. Later, Nova manage to destroy Joker possession in his heart. Without Joker possession, Nova still able to transform and cooperate with Shinichi to fight against Vambie clan.

Nova is Cyborg base rider. Nova system using voice command. By using difference command, Nova can summon difference weapon and finisher.

Wee so thats all short briefing on my Hercules series and riders in d series. Here come my second fanfics.

Kamen Rider Advance Series

Summary : This story was featured in future where human and Cyborg live together and helped each other. However some evil energy been controlling those Cyborg and cause them act violence. Absolute Security Maintenance (ASM) created Kamen Rider device known as Rivice to stop the violence act.

Kamen Rider Dia

The user for Dia is Ageo Yuki. She is energetic police and always act without think.

Dia is Police base rider, one of the four powerful rider created by ASM. The default form for Dia is in rank B. The only weapon she could access at this form is Gun and Baton only. By inserting richip into weapon, Dia can perform finisher depending weapon she using.

Kamen Rider Rais

The user for Rais is Katsuya Honda. He is ex-pro martial art. He join police force after lose and disappear in a match.

Rais is Spartan base rider, one of the four powerful rider created by ASM. The default form for Rais is in Rank A. He is the only rider who armless. However with various type of richip he had, he have advantages in battle eventhough facing an enemy with weapon. By inserting richip in his rivice, he can perform rider punch and rider kick.

Kamen Rider Great

The user for Great is Yoshikuni Takumi. He is the 20th Yoshikuni clan who mastered powerful sword art. He join police force after his clan been demolished by Cyborg act.

Great is Samurai base rider, one of the four powerful rider created by ASM. The default form for Great is in Rank A. He is the only rider who able access a default weapon when he transform into rider. However, his weapon doesn't limited on sword only. With various type of richip, he can accessed difference weapon such as lance, bow and etc.

Kamen Rider Invi

The user for Invi is Masato Sora. She is a cheerful person who willing to help anyone who in trouble.

Invi is Ninja base rider, one of the four powerful rider created by ASM. The default form for Invi is in Rank B. She have a great vision in night and able to move as fast as wind. Same like Dia system, she can accessed difference ninja weapon such as sword, shuriken, kunai and etc using richip.

Kamen Rider Clevis

The user for Clevis is Yuuji Seto. Seto is the researcher and creator of rivice in ASM. He was been killed by Cow Rider and resurrect as Clevis possessor. He lost his memory after that however his ability in mechanical still remain.

Clevis is Angel base rider. He doesn't same like those rider in ASM, he is natural type rider. By using ASM technology, he use his own version of rivice to access new weapon and form.

Kamen Rider Lavos

The user is still unknown (havent appear in d series XP).

Lavos is counter part of Clevis. He is devil base rider and rival of Clevis few thousand years ago. Same like Clevis, he is natural type rider. He stole ASM technology and make the same rivice as Clevis to gain new weapon and form.

Well thats all for all my riders design and short stories of it XD..besides, i kinda lz remove all unwanted line in d i m sorry if it looks sucks XP