Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LGBlog Launch Party sanjou!

Finally i finish get those pics from all my friends and edited it. Thanks every1! Sorry if i being annoyed and keep asking for pics. I'll creadit to all of you without left a single name! LOL!!

Anyway, i believe a pictures can describes a thousands word. Sometime using pictures or visual images can clearly show the message rather than use super 10000 words of text. Hahaha...okok i admit i being lazy to write, so why not just let picture do the job? after all thats my main reason getting all those pics from bloggers =)

* The event scenery * - Photo fully credit to Serge AKA dustyhawk

* Scenery inside & outside the bar * - Photo fully credit to Zues

* Registration Counter *

* The Driver & his Passengers XD *
from left : Bernard, Victoria,me, Greg & Liang

* Robb the macho angel XD and the rest nuffnanger/blogger *

* I also wanna sign! hahaha *

*LG - Life's Good * - She is Tzia rite?

* Secret chop on our hand that only can be view with UV Light (i think XD) *

* Launching by LG Managing Director Mr TY. Ko. Serene C and Will Quah included =D *

* Liang and Greg *

* the winner for Best Dressed Angel & Confuse Angel *

WARNING! : The picture below are too violence to be view. Please proceed if you're 18 years above or click ALT + F4 if you're below 18 years old.

* Ok it was actually a pic when i get drunk. Not so violence la..XD *

* Inside the bar *

* Party like mad...LOL *

* Camwhore pics with my bloggers friends *
Photo credits to Christine, Evelyn, Hitomi and Nigel

* Group Pics *

* Most blogger group pic * - Photo credit to Howard

* Group Pic 2 * - Photo credit to Nigel

Some interesting fact on that day :

- I was been inform this is launch party, not clubbing. So i join without thinking it. Oh well, it reli wasn't consider as clubbing, not until after d clock strike on 2230 hours where the event ended..LOL...

- It will be my first experience clubbing (if this consider as). However i did not dance. I just drink and social with others blogger.

- Every1 was talking about Serene C & Will Quah while i dunno who were them XD...*slap self*

- i tod i am confuse angel since i wear black and white. But they categorized me as Angel.LOL..

- the winner for best dresses are pretty predictable by me. Oh well...

- I never expect the mysterious prize was LG Cookie!! Arghh!! i actually already lower down my target and to get mysterious prize..but well..too bad..i m not qualify since i consider as an angel..

- That day itself i just drank 5 glasses of Tiger beer. first 3 glasses already cause me dizzy and mayb drunk? i continue 4th glass when i was chatting wif christine and saw her drink too. 5th glass was dare by Isaac and Hitomi who said i cant drink (LOL).

- I manage to drive under drunk condition. To be honest i dunno i am drunk onot XD.i guess 10 out of 10 drunk ppl will nv admit themselves drunk. However i still able to drive that time and successfully sent vic, bernard, greg, liang and myself back home safely..XD

- i think i did use some devil fork to poke on isaac "didi" uncountable times when i m drunk. Sorry Isaac if i cause you no father day forever..LOL

ok thats all my post about LGBlog Launch Party. Dun forget to read LGBlog ^^


inkish27 said...

cause u no father 1 day? xD

HAHHhA I see your intention JACKIE! not so drunk after all XD

Jackie Loi said...

christine hahaha..me evil rite? =P

CherliN :: Tzia said...

yes, she's tzia. haha.

Serge Norguard said...

OMFG you bugger ...

70% of the photos from my site... lolololooloololoolol!!!

Jackie Loi said...

@tzia ok she is tzia! hahaha XD

@serge eh what 70% la -,-..i just grab 10 out of 61 pictures. tats mean just 16.4% is ur pic -,-......

KwOnG FeI said...

wow.. din call me go for this event..
i more interested in the beer party..hahaha
anywya, u pic got featured in the nuffnang promotion page site..
and you are at the very front of the pic..

Jackie Loi said...

@kf eh? promotion? where is it? how come i dunno one? XD

lol my xtra tics adi given to vox.i tod u having exam?