Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mother Day Advance Celebration

Wee~i just came back from dinner with my relative. As usual party members, my popo side relative. We plan to celebrate Mother Day in advance together. So what should i say here? HAPPY MOTHER DAY to my mum as my mum, my popo as my mum mum and my auntie's as my mum sister! LOL!!

So we went to one of the kepong restuarant which most visited by us, Restaurant Wei Sun. If you guys watch Hochack TV show before, this restaurant was visited by them before. My dad always brought us to eat here until all of us know very well d boss, hahaa

well the menu for today dinner is kinda special coz is spcialist recommended by the head chef. 8 dishes only and only cost RM258 per table. Oh well, lets pictures do the show, i kinda lazy to explain XD..

* Camwhore in house. My new short hair..still got abit color wor XD *
* Camwhore in car because too bored *
* trying to show off my skill..LOL *
* Restoran Wei Sun *
* Their famous dish, Loh Mee with wine *
* Toufu..LOL *
* Pai Kuat, most delicious! *
* Yin yong chicken *
* i dunno what vegetable is tat *
* fried sotong, my fav *
* No idea what that call *
* Yin yong style fish *
* Honeydew + sotong *
* camwhore again after dinner XD *

I hope those pictures wun make u guys drool out d saliva! hahaha..i highly recommend this restaurant to all of u since it was not so bad restaurant and not so expensive.

Anyway Happy Mother Day in advance to everyone! =D