Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My PakTorlogy + Nuffnang Journey + LG Invitation

Hey peep! Guess what! I received this yesterday!!

* Kindly click to enlarge it XD.. *

Weee! I am JOINING!!! Ore Sanjou!

Anyway, I went to Pak Tor wif my dear dear today! This morning i fetched her to Public Bank located at Genting Klang. She bank in a cheque. After that we continue our journey to chow kit! the reason we wanna go there is look for Hap Seng tower because base on google map it was located somewhere Chow Kit road or Jalan Alang. But sadly we couldn't find that tower.

After tat i give up and told her we head to nuffnang office first. I parked my car at a field and we started to search for Heritage House, where Nuffnang office located. We couldn't find it at 1st as we keep rounding around d area. Finally we decided to ask ppl around and guess what? that man just pointed to us d next building is Nuffnang office..LOL! WTF

* Jalan Yap Ah Shak *

* Heritage House *

So we went to floor 12B and stun in front the office. It gimme impression like a hotel room! hahaha...but when i enter there...POOF! Wuah not bad ah inside..quite nice..hahaha..but dun have much office feeling..XD..and i managed to collected my Car Sticker as well as Invitation Card.

* Nuffnang Sdn Bhd *
* Nuffnang hotel door! door *
* Creative Young Minds i have tat chance? haha *
* Door bell *

OK! Time to show off my invitation tics 1st! Weee! XD

* Letter *
* My invitation tics *
* Camwhore wif my tics =D *

So what i gonna be that day?

A white angel like Den-O Wing Form?

Or red devil like Zeronos Zero Form?

Hahah u'll know this coming fri =P

Anyway continue my Paktor-logy today! Weeee!! We went to TS! We walked around and trying to looking a pant for myself this friday. After look around and nth suitable, we went to have our lunch at Krispy Kreme. Finally i able to taste this so called MOTHER OF ALL DOUGHNUT.

* The Making of Krispy Kreme part I *
* The Making of Krispy Kreme part II *
* The Making of Krispy Kreme part III *

At first i told my dear tat we try 1 or 2 doughnut, if not full then only we go eat somewhere else. But surpricingly, my dear said wan order a dozen donughnut. So each of us will get to eat 6. At first i tod it wasn't a bad idea XD. so we ordered a dozen of Assort Doughnut which cost RM23.90. WOW! if we divide it, it gonna be RM2 per doughnut..but if ala cart, 1 assort doughnut cost RM2.80..swt, i rather add 1 or 2 more bucks to eat rice..LOL!

* The packages of KK *
* Too many flavour to remembered XD *
* The bill *
*read urself.. hahaha *
* Ok dont guess, tats my hungry face XD *

At first i tod i will be able to finish 6 doughnut. But seem like i look down on this MOTHER! I ate 2 doughnut adi make me "Zhai" liao..make me hardly to continue eat. So finally both of us force ourself and finish 7 pieces doughnuts..LOL..d extra 5 i pack back to my house and gave my parents XD..After tat, we went to watch movie, "Paul Blart : Cop Mall". That movie was funny! but i believe it can be better than this.

After finish the movie, we went to Sg Wang and i finally found d pant i wan =D. I m not gonna reveal it until this fri! weee..after tat we moved to Lot 10 because she wanna change her watch battery in swatch. Surpricingly the swatch shop was close down. We been told by 1 of the watch shopkeeper that pavillion got another swatch outlet. So we walked to there and manage to found d shop. Sadly the shopkeeper aid her watch got mechanical prob, not no battery and unable to fix it. It seem my dear need get a new watch..*ok i know what to do XD..wink wink*

After settle everything, i sent her back to her house. I reach home around 6pm. 2 more days to go for LG event! I wish it will be fun event =D


Jeffro said...

WTF.. a dozen for only 2 of you?? Roar!!

btw, go as masked rider to the party.. then u might win the confused prize instead.. xD

Jackie Loi said...

hahaha...yea a dozen just v 2 XD..

LOL..i wish i got tat kamen rider costume XD..then i dun mind wearing tat to there XD..hahaha

julian said...

Congrats! I was too late putting my slogan in :(
Have fun!

Jackie Loi said...

thx julian..=)

sirei said...

krispy kreme is too sweet!!!
i prefer j co

Jackie Loi said...

LOL i nv try b4 j Co..not doughnut fans