Monday, May 11, 2009

New shelter for baby KonKon

EH!!! WHAT IS THAT! Another Nikon plastic bag? Another new camera for me! YES! This is my new camera!

You're right! This camera is use by Tsukasa in KR Decade series. Cool isn't? Nah stop dreaming Jackie Loi! *slap self*

I just joking. I din own that cam eventhough i wanted it so much! hahaa..anyway lets take closer what is in the Nikon bag.

Guess smart?! is a DSLR bag. I din get d bag from shong lee last sat because she out of stock. So she called me this morning and said i can collected d bag today. Finally my baby KonKon got new shelter! weee

see! baby KonKon seem love her new shelter ^^