Saturday, May 09, 2009

Nikon D60 Unboxing

Finally the day i waited for so long! I finally owned my very first DSLR!!! Nikon D60! Thanks for ken recommendation =).

This morning joe fetch me to Ampang Park with his mum n bro,joel in d car as well. We went to Shong Lee photocam to get d DSLR as i already reserved fromt hem through phone on last thurs. Both of us are getting the same model.

Sadly the battery provided by them dun have much energy left, so we couldn't take much pic to show off our skill =P. Later after bought the DSLR, his mum fetch us to Petaling Street to get lunch. We went into Nam Heong Chicken Rice shop. This is my very first time to eat at petaling street. AFter d lunch, she sent me back to my house. Reli thx for the lunch and transport to joe and his mum =).

So time to show off my new baby, Nikon D60! What should i name her? I called my baby Myvi as i shall name my baby Nikon as KonKon? LOL!! OK lets go! Unboxing KonKon!!

*Shong Lee Digital Photo..LOL *

* See that? *wink wink* *

* You're beautiful! Is true! LOL *

* inside d giant box was contain 3 boxes for camera body, lens and charger + battery *

* Ta daaa! My baby KonKon *

* She is cool isn't? ;) *

* what is this then? *

* Is my Baby KonKon extra equipment, Mid-Tripod i suppose =/ *

* See! So nice! =D *

Wee love my baby!? I owned a same camera as ken and lengzhai Charlotte! Hehehe..gotta ask Ken teach me more skill adi since i m new photographer. I will join the crazy photographer group to take pic for whatever event now..LOL..Anyway i have taken few pics wif my baby to test my skill. I wonder it nice lets u guys judge ok? Dun flame me! hahaha...

* Bee-girl in his best Position! *

* Close/macro shot *

* U see! The cage is clear and d rest is blur! weee! *

* first experience camwhore with DSLR XD *

* Camwhore : Left pic background is over exposure. Right pic bg was blur *

* My sis playing guitar at the dark kitchen : Left pic no flash and lowest shutter speed. Right pic with flash *

* Trying to make the background blur effect again XD *

* My blog! Weee *

* Scenary outside my house. Taken using difference white balance *

Alright! My next photography target! Scenery! My uncle said we can learn easily when we take scenary pic. I hope so =).

Oh beside ppl, dun rush me ok? I'll post LG Event soon in my blog once i get enuf material to blog coz most of d pic wif me now is camwhore pic XD..haha


Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

Congrats and welcome to the nikonian world..I too just got my D60 last year..but why u din get D90 wor..more power lor..anyway nice cam review

Jackie Loi said...

hahaha..thx for d warm welcoming..XD..

D90, i have budget limit..n i m just dowan buy so pro 1 1st =X

CWKen said...

whoa somebody showing off d XD

yauhui said...

Aiyoh, macam itu also want to take photo ar. Better take pictures of flowers.

And you can try to use HDR photography if you have Photoshop.

you beginner already buy so much equipment? I as beginner only got Canon EOS 40D + 18-55mm kit lens. Flash also tak ada.

But still a Canon kaki, I tak suka Nikon. ;) Take more more photos!

Jackie Loi said...

@ken LOL..mana dare skill =(

@yauhui just for testing purposes ok -,-..i m still beginner..where got much equipment? i m using basic kits lens only ok..i also flash pun tarak la

+ Suresh + said...

someone's really enjoying his kon we weill see jloi with his big ass cam at the events..

Jackie Loi said...

@suresh haha yea rite =P..wait until i pro like them 1st i'll show off XD

Jacquelyn said...

Welcome to the nikioian world! But er, i'm using olympus haha :p

Hope to see you around if there's any nuffnang events!

Jackie Loi said...

@jacquelyn yes! make sure u greet me! hahaha..coz i m bad recorgnize ppl who i nv met b4 >,<

Anonymous said...

nice! enjoy taking pics! =D

Jackie Loi said...

hey thx kenwooi =)

curryegg said...

Ahhww.. another DSLR user. I wanna be one too.. Haha.. anyway, congratulation... It must be great experience.. ;)

Jackie Loi said...

@curryegg haha ya..lets hope so..gotta learn more =)...

p/s go buy 1..lets kaji ramai ramai XD..hahaha

HitoMi^^ said...

wasai, try kao kao!!

haha, the day I first got my camera, I left it unattended for like few days!!

how much you got it?? got tripod too!! I tarak le

Jackie Loi said...

hitomi chan! hahah..ya la try kao kao..LOL! but i know i still noob =(..i bought for RM2k..d tripod is free 1..heh

KwOnG FeI said...

2k exactly??
so when want teach me take photos?
the pro-gonna -be-..
share ur lecture notes to me ..hahha

Jackie Loi said...

@kf haha can..wait me pro dulu XD