Thursday, May 07, 2009

PiTy PiTy aNne Meeting

Today i attend PiTy PiTy aNne meeting at UCSI, Bloack A boardroom with Gabriel. The speaker for today was a guy call Michael (i guess). I feel like kicking him adi becaue d way he talk reli shit! He explain all d process like nobody business and syiok sendiri giler..reli dunno what the hell he explaining.

* the application form...*

Oh well, i roughly know what to prepare only. I went to BSN after attending d meeting to buy the PIN code. I waited for around 20 min until my turn. Besides, i went to HLB to press my money as well. Wee! I am going to buy DSLR with joe this coming sat at Ampang Park! Cant wait for it =)

* My waiting num in BSN *

* The PIN slip *

Tmrw LG event! I will post a quick post of my attire for that event b4 i going. So stay tune if u wanna know what i gonna be, Devil or Angel? LOL =D


Anonymous said...

i guess Angel! =D

Spectre said...

u got as err M.U fan !

Jackie Loi said...

hahaha u guys will know tonite XD