Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pizza San Francisco

Just back from dinner (or mayb supper -,-) with my dear and her classmate. We went to eat at Pizza San Francisco that located at Seksyen 5 (d building that opposite SMK Seksyen 5).

It was my first time eat at this shop. Another Pizza shop after Marco Pizza & Pastamania for me. Basically i felt the food at this shop wasn't as good as d shop i mentioned just now. Their taste was nth special and portion are quite small for a regular pizza (even smaller than pizza hut..).what about d price? Is almost same as Marco Pizza or Pastamania.

* Menu *

* Menu *

* The interior *

* Bolognese Pasta RM13.90 *

* Primavera Pasta RM12.90 *

* Pollo Chicken RM16.90. Under promotion price, RM9.90 *

* Forgot what bread. RM7.50 *

* Chicken Chop RM15.90 *

* Calzone Pizza RM19.90 (regular) *

* Tuna Pizza RM19.90 (regular) *

* Yea i'll be back..if i will -__- *

So basically tats d food we ordered today..the environment is not bad plus a friendly customer service..and i guess i just love d chicken chop. Probably i will come again for that reason..LOL


Raymond said...

can't wait to have a try on those foods...

Jackie Loi said...

haha well u may =P

Annie said...

Hahahaha..... Forgot what bread.... ppl will think it's its name. Go there and oder.... "erm... I want the forgot what bread."

Jackie Loi said...

dear LOL.i reli dunno whats d bread name..ahahaha

Isaac Wong said...

Why you never ask me out for lunch/dinner or meet up one? You dnt likey me d?

Jackie Loi said...

@isaac LOL...u wan come wangs amaju area -__-..?

sirei said...

wangsa maju there?
i'm so gonna try it! :P

Jackie Loi said...

@sirei yea u may =D..aha wei dun forget ask me! =P

HitoMi^^ said...

Eh, thought u said SS5??


wah sai, really getting better your shots, at least not fully loaded with unnecessary photos and it just nice for a blog post^^


Jackie Loi said...

@er seksyen 5..wangsa maju seksyen 5 XD..LOL

yea thx..i did shot few only only tat nite XD..ahaha..

HitoMi^^ said...

haha, understand. later your girlfriend complains that you always take pictures only *wink*

Oops, wangsa maju got such nice restaurant meh?

Jackie Loi said...

LOL..she wun complain..she understand my situation..rite dear? XD

now wangsa maju develop alot cafe liao lo..even sri rampai also got alot like pappa rich, station 1, old town etc..haha

Annie said...

HA CIU..... who wa? Who curse me?

Jackie Loi said...

LOL nobody curse u

nunu_gugush said...

hi!i juz wanna to tell u about the forgot what bread.the actual name for the bread is mushroom,hopefully next time u can come again to the restaurant that serve u the unique pizza and great pasta again.dont forget to try the forgot what bread.bye..