Tuesday, May 26, 2009


*pifff!!*...been rain since this morning when i m in class. i was hope d rain faster stop and i can went out to capture dark cloud pics. But unfortunately after class sun appeared..sigh

However GOD still love me! HE gave me another chance once i reach home. Oh well..i guess i m still sucks capturing motion anyway XP..but thx for d oppurtunity..

* Moody sky..dark sky..rainy sky.. *

* and here come the rain.. *

* Splashing water *

* Water splashing part 2 *

* Another splashing *

* and the final...water dripping i guess? XD *


HitoMi^^ said...

Haha, water splashing two nice...tak takut will wet ur lens ah

water dripping pun nice

renaye said...

wah.. the last photo is nice. :)

Jackie Loi said...

@hitomi haha thx..my lens mmg wet =(..so sakit hati..

@renaye thx =D

HitoMi^^ said...

as expected, but make sure you dry it - and make sure it is very very dried

Jackie Loi said...

ya i did dry it XD....hahahaha...thurs i go borrow my friends blower n blow all d dust..LOL!!