Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Photo

Ok this will be a random post from me. I am too obsessed on my baby KonKon until carried her none stop for whole day. I took few pics again and some are from outdoor. I knew it was a normal shoot..sigh..still not use to d setting..

* Indoor 1 *
* Indoor 2 *

* Indoor 3 *

* When Beauty and the Beast meet.. *

* Leaf *

* Leaf..i guess can improve more on d color.. *

* Tree *

* Road *

* Tree and the sky *

* The sun...sigh..i know is fail *

* Sky with 2 difference setting*

* Ignore this 1..hahaha *

Well thats all for my skill. I guess i at my limit adi XD...hope some1 could expand my knowledge =X..

Besides, hopefully by tmrw i able to post the LG event. I still short of pics. Please be patient every1, i promise I'll produce a quality post ^^

oh btw...



inkish27 said...

I like the blur effect base on angle pictures.. XD

dslr sure gives good effect even on noobie photographer! ^^


Like the leaves pictures

Jackie Loi said...

LOL..i admit i m noob..=(...

Jeffro said...

O_O aik.. lari focus ka the first 2?
or meant to be lidat?

Jackie Loi said...

@ jef eh lari focus? i dunno XD..hahaha..but i notice got abit blur..LOL

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. well you know now.. XD

Jackie Loi said...

@jef haha...yea.i'll practise more =)