Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sleepless night..

something bothered me this 2 nitez. i cant sleep properly and it seem i need roll around my bed for few hours then only can sleep -,-..since i cant sleep as well last nite, so i woke up and..start doing some drawing..i trying to illustrated my own look in anime/manga style..hahah i guess i overated in d pic XD..check it out

* Full size. Dun get me wrong! the body proportion not exeggerate. Is my camera angle *
* i hope d hairstyle looks like me XD *

oh besides, i photoshoped new pic for my innit avatar =D

* using Kamen Rider Decade template *

* Thats new avatar for my innit =D *

well, i went MV today as well. Check it out d below pic!

hehe coming soon for tat pic post =D

p/s ok i know this post kinda random XD


Anonymous said...

You have a great new avatar :)

Jackie Loi said...

haha thx =D