Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tales of Couple G

Unbelievable and unexpected experience happened on my Baby GG. He met his another soulmate.

This thing happened when i went out for dinner with my dear last week. Everything was normal during our outing & paktorlogy until my dear took out her G900 for calling and texting her classmate. Once Baby GG met my dear G900, he fell in love on "her" for the first sight. Thus he keep urge me to ask what is "her" name (however i fail to figure it out i'll refer "her" as G900 base on her origin name).

From that day onward, Baby GG was in deep love with G900. He refused to sleep everynight (ok actually i am the one who din switch off him XD) and he keep exhausting 2 days after charge (i am d 1 who use him for calling n listen music often XD). To solve my Baby GG heart problem, thus me & my dear decided to allow them meet and have a date yesterday.

From my previous post, i said i going date with my dear for movie. In addition, we grab this opportunity to allow Baby GG and G900 to meet and communicate to each other. As conclusion, my Baby GG success and found his soulmate!! Weeee!!

as Chinese idiom said, "物似主人形" Baby GG inherit me tats why he success! as conclusion, everytime i date wif my dear = my Baby GG date wif his dear too =)


Isaac Wong said...

Like that also can... Haha.

Jackie Loi said...

aha apasal tak leh? xD

Fumoffu said...

lol! Yalor! Like that also can xD

Jackie Loi said...

apasal tak leh? hahahaha

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

*pengsan* LOL!!

summore got couple phone..terror!

Jackie Loi said...

haha..yes of coz..=P

Anonymous said...

same phone..
nice.. =)