Saturday, June 06, 2009


I met this stray cat when i yumcha last nite. something running on my mind at the moment i saw "her" which is...

"She’s" staring at me
I’m sitting wondering what "she’s" thinking
Ummm Nobody’s talking
Cause’ talking just turns into screaming

WTF! XD..however i realise "she" quite cute and adorable. I "meow" "her" and "she" "meow" back cute! ^^ my heart perspective view started to change. Cat can be as cute as dog as well eventhough they dun have high loyalty. =)

oh wait, tat cat is SHE or HE? i dunno..wakaka XD


Raymond said...

might be a he. female cat sometimes is more fierce like the stray mother cat at my house, she tend to "roar" instead of "meow" when i try to play with her kitten.

Richard Ling said...

tiger is cuter`