Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ChinEe Tanjō!

From my previous sushi post, i said i'll be going Sushi King again with Ee today. It was her birthday yesterday (15th june). To so called celebrate her birthday, i treated her lunch at Sushi King, Leisure Mall.

I met her at UCSI block C after our class and fetched her to Leisure Mall with her another 3 friends (XiaoMin & friends). Though v going together to Sushi King, but they sat at other table, left me and Ee.

* Sushi King *

She ordered a mee called Cha Sabo. However due to some mistake, i read it as Cha SaoBao! LOL..WTF! I din ordered set today. I just grab whatever i saw at the conveyor belt. And again, INARI must be on action! =P

* Sushi *

* Cha Sabo *

* The 38 birthday girl *

Luckily she din drain my wallet today or else i'll starving for this whole week XD

* 38 por reli love to do funny stuff *