Monday, June 22, 2009

Father Day 2009 Celebration @ Restaurant Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood

Everyone know yesterday was father day. A day where everyone express their feeling of gratefulness to their beloved daddy. So as a son of my dad, i do my part! LOL..i treated him a lunch yesterday at Desa Aman Puri, a seafood restaurant where they famous with crabs dish. Been in this shop alot times adi but this would be my first time review on this shop =) and this shop is 1 of my target list for my YC Gang.

The shop was usually full and pack with ppl on weekend. I dunno about weekday, mayb not as pack as weekend. I witnessed it once with my own eyes on weekend night, that shop can pack until ppl willing to queue up on outside to get in d shop..OMG WTF!

* Interior *

* My family =) *

Okie, yesterday we ordered quite alot dishes. Lets make the pics talk =)

* Free sweet bean (I think thats what we call) *

* Ham Tan (Salty Egg) Crab *

* Marmite Crab *

* Man Tao *

* Vegie *

* Kam Heong Ha Kou *

* Fried Rice *

* Wat Tan Hor *

So overall i would said their crab is pretty good. And it wasn't expensive. 1kg of crab cost RM18~RM22 price ranged. However i gotta said besides crabs, d others dishes were normal and nth special. So i highly recommend this shop for who mainly crab eater only =)