Monday, June 01, 2009

For Those Who Love To Save

Oh well, i open my nuffnang homepage and found a new features, which is under digi, "Love To Save". So what is this campaign about? Is something like fund raising (i guess) that they targeted get RM150,000 in 30 days. 1 click from u, they'll get RM5.

So who does this fund raising for?

This fund raising are categorize into 3 which are Nature, Social and Health. Under those categories are some subbed existing society. As u guys expected, i am supporting SPCA.

Well, what is SPCA if u ask me?

SPCA is Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animal. SPCA is an animal welfare organisation that receives unwanted, homeless or abused animals and attempts to find them a new home. They also investigate reports of neglected or abused pets. For further detail, log on to

Well as an animal lover especially toward dog, i definitely support SPCA. For those who havent click to donate/vote/save, feel free to log on to or click the banner below my header or below this post. RM5 from urself might not be alot, but it will mean alot when it comes to 100 and more people.

SUPPORT LOVE TO SAVE! SUPPORT SPCA! You can change them to have a better life!


inkish27 said...

I'm going to shoot you man...
This also u can post up!

sheree said...

omg WHY SINGAPORE DONT HAVE!!!!! i also want to save animals =(

Jackie Loi said...

@christine up to u la -,-..i dun care

@sheree haha sign up under MY =P

mknace said...

i want to do like this
and u come up with it first

ying zi said...

love SPCA! I got my dog there!

Jackie Loi said...

@mknace lol u still can do it n support SPCA =D

@yingzi yea..SPCA! love all d dog there =D

Anonymous said...

support! =D