Sunday, June 07, 2009

I Can’t Get Enough of Transformers!!

OMG! I m so excited! Every1 know transformer movie was a BIG HIT back to year 2007! It stimulate most of our excitements again this year with their second movie strike back known as, TRANSFORMERS : REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. What else can make us more happy when we get to know our beloved NUFFNANG was actually giving out free pass for Premiere Screening of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! As a nuffnanger i am happy and went crazy over it! So as a loyal Nuffnanger and transformers fans, i definitely wun miss this chance!

I Can’t Get Enough of Transformers because i am animation fans since i m kids. I am a kind of person who easily get attracted by nice design of character and nice visual effect. Once i get attracted of it, i'll crazy over it. I have been expose for difference kind of robot design since i am kid such as Super Sentai (or known as Power Ranger in US version) robot, Megaman or Gundam.

* Power Ranger (I forgot which ranger) *

* Engine Sentai Go-Onger Robot *

* Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger robot *

* Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Robot *

* Megaman X *

* Megaman Zero *

* Gundam Wing Zero *

* Gundam Exia *

However, Tranformers was the most rocks robot ever with their fantastic design and idea.

I Can’t Get Enough of Transformers because the autobot leader, Optimus Prime was the coolest among the cool robot! Who would expect the creativeness? From a normal, huge & ugly truck that we use to see on the road can turn out to be a cool robot!

* Optimus Prime vehicle mode *

I Can’t Get Enough of Transformers because Optimus Prime was simply cool! For everyone information, how much do u know optimus prime? He was came in various type of design in difference type of transformer animation.

* Robot in Disguise *
* Timeline (Transtech) *

* Timeline (Shattered Glass) *

* IDW Publishing *

* Generation 1 *

* Animated *

say? which is d coolest design of optimus? I personally love all especially Optimus Prime in Live Action!

* Optimus Prime Live Action *

* Designing the truck *

and here another cool version of Optimus Prime fans made.

* Optimus Prime samurai mode? LOL *

I Can’t Get Enough of Transformers because Michael Bay rocks my life by directed another live action movie for Transformers!

* Michael Bay & Bumblebee! *

I Can’t Get Enough of Transformers because Nuffnang rocks my life too for giving out free pass for movie! =D

I Can’t Get Enough of Transformers because i am super addicted to robot designing too eventhough i m still not good to it. I designs alot robot that created by myself b4 and i decided to pick one of the design i have to show here =D

I dun have any specific name for my this robot. However he came in 3 mode which is Beast (Lion) Mode, Human Mode & Vehicle (Bike) Mode.

* Beast Mode *

* Vehicle Mode *

* Human mode *

Hehe eventhough d design wasn't as nice a original transformer, however he look cool rite? XD

And finally, I Can’t Get Enough of Transformers simply because TRANSFORMER Trailer was Hawt!!!!!!!!

I JIZZ MY PANT because I Can’t Get Enough of Transformers!!!


sirei said...

then everyday transformer la
eat, sleep, drink and play also transformer :D

Jackie Loi said...

ahaha who know i m? =P

Serge Norguard said...

opimus prime

Jackie Loi said...

eh i spelled wrongly did i? OMG go check 1st >,<

KY said...

just looking at the previews makes me wanna cryyyy

Jackie Loi said...

why cry? optimus die? XD