Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jackie Loi Wing Hong

Jackie Loi Wing Hong, an interesting subject..hmm..CHOI!!! y i use myself as a subject for this time photography? hahaha..

anyway, i admit i been emo this few days (since monday). Thus the self photography is reflecting myself this few days. The black & white effect served the purposes plus a good quality subject who very leng chai XD =)..In addition, the hidden subject face it increase the mysterious (omg i macam tengah syiok sendiri..hahaha)..

Well, the problem solve finally! i no longer emo. Tmrw will b another colorful day for me since my angel is coming back for holidays! =D


nicol said...

oh....r u ok??
next time...if u dun mind...u can share wit me!!

Jackie Loi said...

nah is ok =P

su said...

yeng oh jackie.. ;)

Jackie Loi said...

su!! haha..thx =)