Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 19 (Journey's End)

Kamen rider Decade Ep 19 1/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 19 2/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 19 3/3

Comment : I felt very funny looking at Hibiki FFR. Or mayb bcoz i not use to Hibiki series, it was kinda crap at d last when they defeated d big monster XD...where d hell did diend get d drumstick? @_@...anyway the journey to nine world end! I cant wait to see Kurenai Otoya in next episode! He is my most favorite character in Kiva series.

More spoiler :

“Chapter 2″(, that will be the surname of the 2nd part of the season, from episode 20 to episode 32). Tsukasa will recover his memory and will travel to other Worlds other than the past Kamen Rider Worlds.

So, we will travel to the Dark Riders World, the BLack RX World and… the Shinkenger World!!! If this is confirmed we will have our very first Sentai / Rider team-up of the History!

All this will happen very soon, before the movie on August 8th, because the DCD cast will also appear in one of the Shinkenger episodes. Kaito will search Ika OriGami, the treasure of this World.

In the Dark Riders World, we’ll see Complete DECADE fighting Kamen Rider RYUGA, ORGA and DARK KABUTO, as seen in the previous articles.

In the Black RX World, which will conclude the series, Tsukasa will meet Kotaro, and the season will end on August 8th with the movie and the bid gathering of all Riders plus Kamen Rider ZWEI.

We don’t know in which World, but our poor Yuusuke / Kamen Rider KUUGA wiill be killed.

Kaito / Kamen Rider DIEND will also be summoning Kamen Rider DECADE (Yeah, it’s very odd)…

Natsumi will see a second Tsukasa in her dreams, meaning there could be 2 Kamen Rider DECADE, one of them could be Kamen Rider DARK DECADE, so could that be the real destroyer of the 9 worlds?

The series’ name of Kamen Rider W (Pronounce DOUBLE in fact) has been officialised, meaning that the name of main Rider could be Kamen Rider ZWEI. The series should begin on January 21st, right after Kamen Rider CHO DEN-O.

Many rumors about him. ZWEI could be related to ShadowMoon, that’s why he’s present in Kamen Rider DCD’s movie. He will be the 1st Rider of the second Heisei period, from KUUGA to DECADE it was the first part, the second part starts with ZWEI and should last 10 years again.

ZWEI could be the fusion of 2 persons transforming at the same time. That means he will have 2 personnalities and his armor will be split in 2 also, one side being green, the other being red.

He’s rumored to have 3 Forms : Luna Joker Form, Cyclone Joker Form and Heat Joker Form which will be activated via a USB-system belt.

- Kamen Rider W has an insect motif, most likely a grasshopper. He resembles Kikaider, in the sense that his right and left sides are differently colored. His right side is red, and his left side is green. Each side has a different character/personality.
-Kamen Rider W is transformed from 2 people, who combine to form the rider. Their names are Shotarou and Phillip.
-His henshin device is a USB which is inserted into his belt to transform him. He has a gimmick known as the "Treasure Gaost", which allows him to change forms.
-He also has the ability to change forms. These forms are activated by the "Joker Memories". USB keys that activate different forms. 3 of these forms are known as "Luna Joker", "Cyclone Joker" and "Heat Joker".
-Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker is Black and Green in coloring.

-Kamen Rider W transforms into Heat Joker in the Decade Movie.
-He has both a motorcycle and a car.

-Kamen Rider W aims to be the "Number 1 Rider" of the Second Half of Hesei Riders.
- He also Seems to have a relation to ShadowMoon. When Decade is cornered by him in the movie, W shows up to save him
-Keywords having to do with W are "Wind", "2 People" and "Clan"
-Broadcasting is rumored to start on 9/6
-8/15 to 8/23 have been listed as filming dates for the show

-His enemies are much closer to the Sentai variety - a group of villains that stay a constant from the beginning of the series.