Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Little Eastern

Just back from dinner with my YC (YumCha) Gang again. At first we plan to eat at kepong but due to short amount of member, we narrowed down our target to Prima Setapak area. The gang that join the dinner was me, Kavia, Yvonne & Sooyan only. Fuh, for d first time Kavia join this gang...Welcome! =D

So we ate at new restaurant that located at prima setapak, know as Little Eastern.
Their environment not bad. Not too noisy nor quite.

* Counter and Kitchen *

* Decoration 1 *

* Decoration 2 *

The reason i choose this place was because they have some nice big portion food with reasonable price. Their set was food + drink with price range from RM6~RM7.50.

* Menu. See d price? =D *

* Sandwich. RM2.90 (not in d set) *

* Belacan Fried Rice + Drink, RM6 *

* Chicken Chop Rice + Drink, RM6.50 *

Well, for those who wan cheap, affordable and nice food, this shop was highly recommended.

* Yvonne & Sooyan *

* Kavia & Me *

Looking forward another outing wif my gang for dinner at kepong. We wanna burst out from setapak area and try new thing!! Woops!


Yem Meng Max said...

Fuhyooo... Looks delicious dude!!!

Jackie Loi said...

haha lets go get eomday dude..come setapak area la =P

Anonymous said...

wow..neat place.. nice food.. =)

Jackie Loi said...

yupz..=D..is good for those who looking for big portion n cheap food XD

Yem Meng Max said...

Is the portion of the food HUGE??? Hahaha!!! Sure sure!!! Will look forward to that... Kekeke!!!

Jackie Loi said...

yea is huge...i also almost kenot finish it =P