Thursday, June 25, 2009

Olympus Pen E-P1

Recently ppl had started arguing about the benefits of Campact Cam and SLR. Some said Compact Cam is cooler and SLR is for noob. Some said SLR better and Compact cam for kiddo. So to solve the argument, here Olympus had launch a new camera which is not COMPACT CAM and also not a SLR.

The more interested you become in photography, the more you'll want to take expressive, high-quality pictures. And now that digital photography has made easier and more accessible than ever, you probably think that ordinary SLR cameras are too bulky and too heavy. What you need is not an SLR camera. What you need is the kind of picture quality that can usually only be obtained with an SLR camera. That's what you'll get with the OLYMPUS PEN. Specifically designed to provide photo buffs with SLR quality and ultra-compact convenience, the new PEN is a lens interchangeable camera that boasts a compact body with a stylish metal casing. Weighing only about 335 grams, this little camera delivers the same high picture quality and expressive power as a digital SLR camera. Now it's easy to take the pictures you've always wanted. The digital "PEN" has arrived.

Small and light body with SLR-quality
Mirrorless structure for compact, lightweight body that can be taken anywhere

With conventional SLR cameras, the image is captured through the lens, passed through a mirror and pentaprism, and viewed on the viewfinder screen. With the Micro Four Thirds System standard, on the other hand, the mirror has been eliminated. With no need to incorporate a mirror box inside the camera, the length of the flange back can be reduced by about half without changing the image sensor size or compromising the image quality. Compared to our E-420 - the world's smallest* digital SLR camera - the width has been reduced by about 8.5 mm, the height by about 20 mm and the thickness by about 18 mm. As a result, the overall volume has also been reduced by approx.58%.

* Among interchangeable-lens type digital SLR cameras (as of June 16, 2009, our in-house research).

12.3-megapixel High-Speed Live MOS Sensor

The image sensor uses a High-Speed Live MOS Sensor featuring 12.3 megapixels and a high-speed readout. In combination with the high optical performance provided by Micro Four Thirds lenses, this sensor captures high-resolution images that accurately reproduce your composition with exquisite detail, rich gradations and natural colours.

TruePic V image processing engine

The TruePic V image-processing engine is a refined version of the high-performance TruePic III+ engine, delivering clearer, higher-resolution images by exploiting the full performance of the lens. Sophisticated noise reduction that removes noise without obliterating details allows high-sensitivity shooting at ISO 6400 and beautifully reproduces delicate colour changes.

Built-in image stabilization at up to 4 EV steps

A newly developed compact image stabilization mechanism is integrated in the camera to compensate for camera shake by up to 4 EV steps*. Since the stabilizing mechanism is built into the camera body, it can function with any lens without compromising its optical performance. Two modes - I.S.2 (horizontal) and I.S.3 (vertical) make possible blur-free panning shots in either the horizontal or vertical direction. The image stabilization mechanism works also when the mount adapter (optional) is used.

* The correction effect varies depending on the lens type and shooting conditions.

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses designed exclusively for the Micro Four Thirds System

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses are designed exclusively for the Micro Four Thirds System by optimizing the mount diameter and signal contacts. Reflecting the PEN's ability to achieve high image quality, the digital-dedicated design of these compact lenses takes full advantage of the characteristics of digital photography, delivering light to every corner of the image sensor and ensuring high quality for both still and moving images.

* Interchangeable lenses designed for the Four Thirds System can be mounted using an adapter.


Available in silver or white with a rugged metallic finish featuring aluminium on the top and bottom, stainless steel on the sides and back, stainless steel trim, and laser-engraved model name, the PEN conveys a sense of quality that reflects your commitment to photography.


leechon said...

hi, how much is it and where can we buy in Malaysia?

Jackie Loi said...

havent launch at malaysia yet n i not sure d price..but approximate 2k above =X

Ewin Ee said...

Damn Nice! I wantttt!

Jackie Loi said...

ewin LOL...u got canggih cam adi leh XD