Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shinkengers + Decade Team up and Kamen Rider W revealed!

Well! Here come the first ever team up in between Sentai & Rider! As the news been leaked out, it gonna be broadcasting in decade episode (ep 24 & 25, after diend no sekai) and decade cast will appear on shinkengers series too where Ika Origami been stolen by Kaitou.

- The story in Shinken's World started with one of Geisoushu stole Kaito's DiEnDriver! The Ayakashi henshin himself into DiEnd and become DiEnd Ayakashi Form!
- DiEnd Ayakashi can summon all monster who appear before with "Kaijin Ride"!?
- Decade, Kuuga & Shinkenger fight with them and take back Kaito's DiEnDriver!
- Decade Complete Form got special card from Shinken's World, Rekka Daikaitou. (ShinkenRed personal weapon)

and then, the last world that travel by decade in the series was, Kamen Rider Black RX World!!

And another great news! Guess who is that?

Is Gackt! Gackt also reveal in Decade Movie! Look what he got at his right hand, mechanical Hand! Yes He will appear as Rider too, He is RIDERMAN!!!

- J reveal and he appear as giant and fight with King Dark II.
- Decade Final Form Ride himself into DecaDriver and attach into Giant J.
- With J help Decade can become giant when Decade Final Form Ride attach to J.

and the final pics waited by every1, Kamen Rider W/Zwei! His real name seem to be reveal as Double.
- Shotaro (one with hat), part of W body, he has the power of GaiaMemory. He form Joker (Black) part of W.
- Philip (cute one), part of W body, he has the power of GaiaMemory. He form Cyclone (Green) part of W.
- Double Driver, with GaiaMemory Shotaro and Philip can henshin into W and become one. GaiaMemories store in Double Driver.

Kamen Rider W 1st debut is in Decade Movie to help Decade and Kuuga fight with ShadowMoon!