Saturday, June 13, 2009

SHS Gathering @ Old Town

oh yea! we gathered again last night eventhough v just had our yumcha session last fri. The members to join d gathering has expanded. All of us gathered at paikxuan house (again) before decided where to yumcha.

* Now we know who r the real poser XD *

While discussing where to yumcha plus get dinner for those who havent, boonyew suddenly suggested to Old Town that located next seksyen 1. The Old Town was newly built.

Few of them having dinner there while i just having a glass of drink, Xi Mut Milk Tea.

* When guys and girls eating *

Well, we sat there almost whole night (until 12am) and we are the noisiest group. No wonder no one dare to sit near to us XD..if wanna blame, girl voice are loudest when they laugh! U know who u r ;)

* Picture of the day...WTF m i holding? XD *

* During paying the bill *

Well, is fun to gather wif them once in a while but i m disappointed that we cant gathered everyone. Not to say they busy with their own life or uni life..but they din even reply a feedback to us wether they joining or not. it seem they already disappeared from our world.

Oh well, god bless them.