Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kamen Rider Fanfics part 2

*just ignore this post if you're not interested on my creativity XD*

if u guys remember, long ago i post my fanfics part 1 where i introduce all Kamen Rider that created by me. This time i would love to introduce riders form from Kamen Rider Advance series.

Kamen Rider Dia (Blaster Form)

Similar to Faiz, Dia obtain the Blaster Form (ブラスターフォーム, Borasutā Fōmu?), which is the most powerful form of the Faiz gear (which display on rider muzium), the amount of Photon Blood that the Faiz Gear produces increases to the extreme where it overflows from the Photon Streams and spread itself over the Sol Foam and the Sol Metal, changing their color to red. Unlike Faiz, Dia doesn't have set of Full Metal Lung with a backpack like device attached to it called 'Photon Field Floater that releases constant waves of Photon energy to give Faiz Blaster flying capacities.

Faiz Blaster

Designated "SB-555T", this weapon was received when it activated by itself and move to Yuki hand when she believe friendship is needed. By equipping the Dia Rivice into the Faiz Blaster, Dia can access power from a unknown source enter Blaster Form. In Blaster Form, the Faiz Blaster can be transformed into a powerful energy-shotgun(Photon Blaster Mode or "BLASTER MODE") or a thick bladed lightsaber-like weapon (Photon Breaker Mode or "BLADE MODE").

All the code are same with Faiz :
* 5-5-5 Enter: This code allows for Dia to assume Blaster Mode.
* 5-2-1-4 Enter: This code allows for Dia to execute the Bloody Cannon.
* 1-4-3 Enter: This code allows for Dia to convert the Faiz Blaster into Blade Mode.
* 1-0-3 Enter: This code allows for Dia to convert the Faiz Blaster into Blaster Mode.

Kamen Rider Dia (Fabukio Form)

Fabukio form was derive from Faiz, Kabuto, Kiva & Den-O forms. Dia can access to this form by activated Faiz Blaster, Hyper Zector, Tatsulot & Rider Pass (with Fubakio Form card). Faiz Blaster will equip on body, Hyper Zector on right hand, Tatsulot on left hand and Rider Pass on Rivise. In this form, Dia can perform a ultimate rider kick by casting all power from Faiz Blaster, Hyper Zector, Tatsulot & Rider Pass

Kamen Rider Rais (Hyper Form)

Similar to Kabuto, Rais can accessed through the Hyper Cast Off (ハイパーキャストオフ, Haipā Kyasuto Ofu) command and change Hyper Form. However, the Hyper Clock Up (ハイパークロックアップ, Haipā Kurokku Appu) not available due to malfunction reason.

Hyper Zector was received when Rais believe he can surpass time & space. By equipping the Hyper Zector to Rais right wrist, Rais can access Hyper Form. In Hyper Form, Rais can perform two version of rider kick, Hyper kick & his own version kick.

Kamen Rider Great (Liner Form)

Great can accessed to Liner Form (ライナーフォーム, Rainā Fōmu) by inserting the Rider Pass with Great Liner Form card in a slot in the back of the blade of the Great Sword. Rider pass and Great Liner Form card was received when Great believe he can change the future that already fated.

Kamen Rider Invi (Emperor Form)

Invi can accessed to Emperor Form (エンペラーフォーム, Enperā Fōmu?) when Tatsulot sense the reaction of Sora rage from the harm coming to her colleague, other riders. Unlike Kiva Emperor Form, Invi cant perform "Fever" finishing attack through a rouletter system due to malfunction on Tatsulot. Tatsulot was attached on Invi left wrist.

Kamen Rider Clevis (Beetle Form)

By using ASM technology, Seto create his own rivice version that can attach on his left wrist. By pressing the button on the rivice, two chips holder will initializing on his rider belt. By using Bettle richip and equip on rivice, Clevis can accessed to Beetle Form.

Beetle Form is brute type rider. His strength is increased 10 times from original. By using Mace Richip, Clevis Beetle Form can accessed mace weapon by unequipped weapon holder on his helmet. Clevis Beetle Form can perfom two type finisher, which is 10X Rider Kick (same like Clevis default form but times wif 10 power) or Royal Mace Smash where he use his mace and smash his enemy.

Kamen Rider Clevis (Hopper Form)

By using ASM technology, Seto create his own rivice version that can attach on his left wrist. By pressing the button on the rivice, two chips holder will initializing on his rider belt. By using Hopper richip and equip on rivice, Clevis can accessed to Hopper Form.

Hopper Form is agile type rider. His speed is increased 3 times from original. By using Dagger Richip, Clevis Hopper Form can accessed twin dagger weapon by unequipped weapon holder on his helmet. Clevis Hopper Form can perfom two type finisher, which is Rider Kick (same like Clevis default form) or Dual Slash where he use his daggers to release uncountable slash wave.

Well, tats all forms from my KR Advance series. FYI, Dia, Rais, Great & Invi received the form using past riders equipment. Thus, the form name is same.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

300th post SPECIAL EDITION : Shopping with Bloggers

Well, shopping never be easy to me especially when i need to buy clothes that need requirement. I seriously need fashion adviser to help me out. Oh yes u got it! I am fashionless person and shopping noob. WTF! I forgot to mention, why i need buy new clothes? Well, for d Juice Magazine Event which coming on this friday...

Being helpless and desperate looking for those shirt, Adele willing to helped me out, together with Nigel. So the location is set to Sunway Pyramid. OMG! I never expect i'll went to Sunway Pyramid again since d last time i went wif my sis. It is like d other end of KL from my so damn far. I dunno drive to there, so d only choice i left is took public transport, LRT and Rapid bus, which cost me 2 hours time for each journey.

Since it was my 3rd times been in Pyramid, i serious lost direction and dunno where d hell i m. Luckily both Adele & Nigel guided me all d shop. We went few shops and finally v got in the cheapest shop. Nigel and me bought d same type shirt but difference design. SHIT! I hope no one will notice that on tat nite..hahahaha..

Later we went to Kim Gary for yumcha & dinner. Few hours in there, we are talking about blogging, gossiping other bloggers and kicking Josh Lim ass. Oh well, i never expect when blogger gathered what we could talk is all about blogging. Ok, mayb v havent reach d stage to talk about our personal life like me & other bloggers.

* Behind the scene.... *

* My dinner, Baked rice cheese chicken rice w/ twin sauce...damn recently i ate alot baked cheese tummy is coming out..ROARR!! *

Anyway, it was a cool outing for me eventhough only 3 of us. As usual, post will end wif camwhore pics..hahaha

* Adele & Nigel *

* Your truly boss and his bodyguard *

* Group pic *

p/s under Nigel special request on me since Jess incident, i pixelated his face. FlyGuy had become SencoredGuy...LOL!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Artistry July 2009 Chapter 2 - Jackie & Friends Awesomeness!

Yay! All of us are awesome in Artistry party! no? I met alot blogger who i never met before and of coz, camwhore + pics time! Here are all AWESOME blogger who i took pics with =)

WARNING : This post just a personal matter. It has nth related with the event itself.

* My favourite picture of the day!!! 2 Bodyguards, 1 Boss! We rocksssssss! *

Well lets begin with all d pic i camwhore

* Jacq, Zhao, Wenpink, Chris & me before enter * - pic credit to Chris

* My male buddies - Alex, Nigel, me, Ken, Zhao, Chris & Josh * - Pic credit to Chris

Bloggers that i encounter for the first time...

* Jun & Me * - Pic credit to Jun

* Adele & me *

* Me & Mel *

Buddies that i knew through blogging (except Kristine)...

* Kristine & me *

* She playing wif my flash and try to make ghost effect..this is what we get..1 Dead fish 1 Dead sotong..XD * - pic credit to Kristine

* me, Kristine & Flora *

* me & Jess *

* Josh & me *

* me and Chris *

* me and Cathy *

* Jacq & me *

* me & Hitomi * - pic credit to Hitomi

* Wenpink & me *

* Kimchi & me *

EXTRA pics =D

* All the hawt girl! Wooops! *

* SS Gang trademark photo..LOL *

* Dancing time..Teck Weng seem bored *

After d party, we went to Murni for yumcha session.

* We rocks Murni too!! WEEE *

Monday, July 27, 2009

Artistry July 2009 Chapter 1 - Bukit Kiara Explosion!

* (1st Row) : Nigel, ChrisTock, Dusty, Jackie, Josh, Zhao, (2nd Row) : Bernard, Evelyn, ChrisTock guest, Wenpink, Alex, Jacq, Chris, Zues, Hitomi, Simon, Jess, Howard, (Last Row) : Kimz, Adele, Jiashin, Tzia, Kristine, Flora, Melody, Yat, Joshua, Cathy, Teckweng, Jun, Darren & Ken *

For those not in d pic, Jackie would like to say sorry because i dun have ur pic to put in

Yosh! It was my first time attend Hennesy Artistry event. Previously i missed out d 2 coz i am busy wif my stuff. Fuh, i never expect, this was my third time attend party event. (Click here and here for my previous party event).

I would love to express my gratefulness to Yat for spare me two pass under nuffnang. I asked my bodyguard, Kimz to join me. I heard this is last Artistry event in this year, thus it gonna be a very very very very big party!! Wooops!! The party held at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. The party featured by all famous singer from oversea such as Ying Yang Twins, Fatman Scoop, Dominique Tsai, DJ Camilo, Homies, Mr Sam, Milinka Radisic, Lumisense and One Buck Short. I dunno all those artist until i attend d event tat nite. Oh well, at least i know which is Fatman Scoop, Ying Yang Twins and Dominuque Tsai after tat nite...hahahaha

Well, lets make my pics speak now =)

* Counter that divided into Media & Guest category *

* Our buddies *

* I heart the interior lighting. So nice *

* Glasses *

* Yea, my media pass! hahaha *

* Emcee of the night *

* I seriously no idea who is *

* Dominique Tsai HAWT! *

* Fatman Scoop quote of the night, "You Jump I Jump" *

Meet alot Awesome bloggers too! Here are few of them =)

* Kristine & Flora *

* First meeting wif Adele, my bodyguard *

* And both of them too..XD *

* Another group photo. Lets see, i know Steph, Hikaru, Copykate & Stanley *

Some awesome bloggers couple who i encounter

* Couples of the night *

Opss..i miss out another couple...*jeng jeng jeng*

* Yea guess who..XD *

I m kinda satisfied most of my shooting. At least i got d right exposure and lighting on tat night =)..

Well here d last pics!

* Jess & Josh act 1 *

* Jess and Josh act 2 *

YAY!!! Hennesy Artistry party rocks!!!

Coming up next, Chapter 2 - Jackie & Friends Awesomeness!