Wednesday, July 29, 2009

300th post SPECIAL EDITION : Shopping with Bloggers

Well, shopping never be easy to me especially when i need to buy clothes that need requirement. I seriously need fashion adviser to help me out. Oh yes u got it! I am fashionless person and shopping noob. WTF! I forgot to mention, why i need buy new clothes? Well, for d Juice Magazine Event which coming on this friday...

Being helpless and desperate looking for those shirt, Adele willing to helped me out, together with Nigel. So the location is set to Sunway Pyramid. OMG! I never expect i'll went to Sunway Pyramid again since d last time i went wif my sis. It is like d other end of KL from my so damn far. I dunno drive to there, so d only choice i left is took public transport, LRT and Rapid bus, which cost me 2 hours time for each journey.

Since it was my 3rd times been in Pyramid, i serious lost direction and dunno where d hell i m. Luckily both Adele & Nigel guided me all d shop. We went few shops and finally v got in the cheapest shop. Nigel and me bought d same type shirt but difference design. SHIT! I hope no one will notice that on tat nite..hahahaha..

Later we went to Kim Gary for yumcha & dinner. Few hours in there, we are talking about blogging, gossiping other bloggers and kicking Josh Lim ass. Oh well, i never expect when blogger gathered what we could talk is all about blogging. Ok, mayb v havent reach d stage to talk about our personal life like me & other bloggers.

* Behind the scene.... *

* My dinner, Baked rice cheese chicken rice w/ twin sauce...damn recently i ate alot baked cheese tummy is coming out..ROARR!! *

Anyway, it was a cool outing for me eventhough only 3 of us. As usual, post will end wif camwhore pics..hahaha

* Adele & Nigel *

* Your truly boss and his bodyguard *

* Group pic *

p/s under Nigel special request on me since Jess incident, i pixelated his face. FlyGuy had become SencoredGuy...LOL!


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...


A-Lex said...

LOL! i am the one started to sensor his face! COPYRIGHT YO! must go register ady.

anyway,the baked cheese picture look nice!

Jackie Loi said...

@jess haha he asked for it..if not i wun censored it..hahaha..XD

@alex eh apa since when u started it? hahaha..thx for d comment on d food pic..i m practising how to capture food..LOL

kim said...

very sad lo nigel's face all kena censored =/

Nigel Tee said...

jess> im offended lor!!!!

Jackie Loi said...

@kimchi he requedted for it!! LOL

@nigel hahahahhaha

Ying Zi said...

Nigel Tee got no face to face people liao!!!

Jackie Loi said...

ya lo yingzi..his face forever pixelated in my blog..wakakka