Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chong Fatt Cafe

Had dinner wif my family at this cafe just now. This cafe was located at genting klang. If u dunno where is it, look for KFC that located at genting klang. This cafe just right at the another corner of KFC lot.

* Chong Fatt Cafe *

We never try this cafe b4 eventhough been there for so long and v finally decided to give it a try. This restaurant is specialist in selling "Yu Tau Mai" AKA fish head bee hon. They also selling chicken chop in cheap rate, which is RM9.80.

* Interior *

Here are what we ordered tonite :

* Deep Fried Chicken Chop - RM9.80 *

* Fish Head Bee Hun - RM7.50 *

* Fish Mau - Fish Paste Bee Hon - RM9.80 *

* Deep Fried Pork Meat (10 pcs) - RM8 *

i would say this shop is nice! The price was kinda reasonable and free tax =D..will come back again for sure.


plank ton said...

walao.. so exp u say cheap.. damn rich lo u..

Chin Ee said...

Wah~ The food really looked delicious leh! Yum Yum~~~

Jackie Loi said...

@frank LOL if u consider d portion, ok la is cheap what..

@ee yea lets makan someday =P..lai setapak!

wen pink said...

omfg nice photo!! it looks real from the first few glances!! well done!! u r always full of surprises!

Jackie Loi said...

@wen err u mean my food or HA? did u comment wrong section XD..hahaha

thx anyway =D