Monday, July 27, 2009

Artistry July 2009 Chapter 1 - Bukit Kiara Explosion!

* (1st Row) : Nigel, ChrisTock, Dusty, Jackie, Josh, Zhao, (2nd Row) : Bernard, Evelyn, ChrisTock guest, Wenpink, Alex, Jacq, Chris, Zues, Hitomi, Simon, Jess, Howard, (Last Row) : Kimz, Adele, Jiashin, Tzia, Kristine, Flora, Melody, Yat, Joshua, Cathy, Teckweng, Jun, Darren & Ken *

For those not in d pic, Jackie would like to say sorry because i dun have ur pic to put in

Yosh! It was my first time attend Hennesy Artistry event. Previously i missed out d 2 coz i am busy wif my stuff. Fuh, i never expect, this was my third time attend party event. (Click here and here for my previous party event).

I would love to express my gratefulness to Yat for spare me two pass under nuffnang. I asked my bodyguard, Kimz to join me. I heard this is last Artistry event in this year, thus it gonna be a very very very very big party!! Wooops!! The party held at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. The party featured by all famous singer from oversea such as Ying Yang Twins, Fatman Scoop, Dominique Tsai, DJ Camilo, Homies, Mr Sam, Milinka Radisic, Lumisense and One Buck Short. I dunno all those artist until i attend d event tat nite. Oh well, at least i know which is Fatman Scoop, Ying Yang Twins and Dominuque Tsai after tat nite...hahahaha

Well, lets make my pics speak now =)

* Counter that divided into Media & Guest category *

* Our buddies *

* I heart the interior lighting. So nice *

* Glasses *

* Yea, my media pass! hahaha *

* Emcee of the night *

* I seriously no idea who is *

* Dominique Tsai HAWT! *

* Fatman Scoop quote of the night, "You Jump I Jump" *

Meet alot Awesome bloggers too! Here are few of them =)

* Kristine & Flora *

* First meeting wif Adele, my bodyguard *

* And both of them too..XD *

* Another group photo. Lets see, i know Steph, Hikaru, Copykate & Stanley *

Some awesome bloggers couple who i encounter

* Couples of the night *

Opss..i miss out another couple...*jeng jeng jeng*

* Yea guess who..XD *

I m kinda satisfied most of my shooting. At least i got d right exposure and lighting on tat night =)..

Well here d last pics!

* Jess & Josh act 1 *

* Jess and Josh act 2 *

YAY!!! Hennesy Artistry party rocks!!!

Coming up next, Chapter 2 - Jackie & Friends Awesomeness!


Victoria said...

thats zhao and flora and my jessjie and gor is sooo funny!!! LOL
*shows middle finger too* LOL

Ying Zi said...

Yeah,jess they all damn funny! And why my cuzzie nigel look like blur sotong over there?!
Pic of the day : DUSTYHAWK! Bwuahahahaha!

Jackie Loi said...

@vic hahha..they very keng la..zhao plg keng la..XD

@yingzi LOL he fat qiao la after saw adele..XD..OMG i nv expect dusty pic hotter than zhao 1..XD

Cathy C said...

i like your first picture XDXD nicely edited :)

Jackie Loi said...

wee thx cathy..u guys can take it if u all wan =)

flora said...

thanx alot jack..*shakes head*

Jackie Loi said...

dei apa la florism? y shake head? haha....

yenniedoll said...

LOL, im looking elsewhere one... xD

Nice post

kim said...

i see flowerdude over there ;)

Jackie Loi said...

@eve ya la i said look at here u go look at bern..XD

@kimchi yay! *high 5* XD

§pinzer said...

wah super nice post!! awesomely edited pictures! :D

and ur bodyguard damn hot right, you should be HER bodyguard lolol!

Jackie Loi said...

@chris haha yes she hot n cute! LOL..kenot la, i m her boss..kenot be her bodyguard XD

Josh said...

Fuah... You damn good lor in editing for the first pics! Thumbs and toes up!

Jackie Loi said...

wah until toes also up..hahaha..thx josh =)

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

MAHAI! got pictar of my middle finger!! SEI LOR! ahaahahaa :P :P
*smacks jackie*

Jackie Loi said...


A-Lex said...

u must show me which picture you cut my head off from to create the 1st picture in this post... i so gonna burn it! LOL

Serge Norguard said...


c0co said...

nice event nice photos !!*-*

Jacklyn <33 said...

great post :)

Jackie Loi said...

@wah chill alex! chill!!! CHILL!!! C-H-I-L-L!!! LOL...

@dusty HOU SAI LEI NEH! =P

@coco & Jacklyn thx ;)

Ewin Ee said...

1st pic damn nice! nice effort!

HitoMi^^ said...

wah, jess RoCks haha!!
nice editing again

and ho, the scandalous pic heee...

Jackie Loi said...

@eewin thx =D

@hitomi any1 could easily guess tat flowerdude was flowering tat nite..hahahahaha

JenKin Yat said...

where u heard it's the last? hmmm..